About those Oz-Arabian jihadists and their urge to kill and die for allah in Syria and elsewhere…

Andrew Bolt

If their other loyalty is so strong, they shouldn’t mind losing ours


Australians face yet more terrorism threats thanks to the lax immigration program of naive politicians who didn’t want to seem mean: 

The author of a major review of counter-terrorism laws, Anthony Whealy QC, … predicted counter-terrorism police were likely to start applying for control orders at a quickening rate, given the events in Syria.

“My feeling is that there might be a good case for an increase in the number of control orders in Australia over the next four or five years,” Mr Whealy said.

As The Australian has reported, authorities suspect up to 200 Australian dual citizens may be participating in the fight against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Many are thought to be fighting with the al-Qa’ida-linked al-Nusra Front. Four Australians have died in the current conflict.

Authorities fear the men, most of whom are dual Lebanese-Australian citizens, will return more deeply radicalised and equipped with the training and experience to do serious harm to the community.

Dual nationality? Choose to sign up with terror groups overseas? Then you lose one of those nationalities. I’m sure you’ll fit in better on your other home.

But hey, here in Oz we have real problems, like globull worming and budgets that make our  (unelected) PM cry. And remember: this very same Gillard goose  was reported, by The Australian, as saying  that Geert Wilders views are “abhorrent”.