Al BeBeeCeera excuses Muselmaniacs for causing another riot in Burma

Here comes the “accidental bump”

The violence in Oakkan erupted after a woman accidentally bumped into a novice monk and knocked his alms bowl onto the ground, the AFP news agency cited Ye Htut’s Facebook post as saying.

DPA has a completely different take on the story:

Broken begging bowl leads to attack on mosque in Myanmar

Myanmar police on Tuesday detained a Muslim woman under suspicion of knocking a Buddhist monk’s begging bowl out of his hands, sparking an attack on a mosque and raising tensions.

“We had to detain the women to control the potential unrest in the region,” said a senior police official….

Burmese Rohingya madrassa students pray at a local mosque: Muslims comprise about 5% of the population. (They are Bangladeshi invaders, not Burmese. A “Rohingya people” does not exist, its a Mohammedan fantasy product)

As always, the Grunard reports “sectarian clashes”, blames “radical monks”

Burma sectarian clashes erupt in Oakkan town

Brick-wielding gangs smash mosque windows and loot shops as unrest between Muslims and Buddhists intensifies.  Radical monks have been accused of inciting anti-Muslim violence  through speeches delivered across the country and disseminated on recordings sold in shops and at street stalls.


Seven Muslim men are on trial in Meikhtila charged with murdering a monk, seen as the trigger for the riots.

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  1. Islam has declared it will violently replace all other cultures and “religions.” The Qur’an is a clearly-written, us-versus-them hate-crime book, endorsing a permanent might-makes-right death-threat.

    So, if a chapter of the Hell’s Angels, KKK, nazis or Mafia moved in next to you, are you supposed to just accept (“Submit” to) it?!

    Apparently, Yes, if it was cunning enough to pretend it was a “religion!”


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