Meet the al Qaeda Cannibals the Obama Regime Supports

We are paying for this. I’m beginning to understand people who say ‘America deserves it’.

Under the black flag of al-Qaeda, the Syrian city ruled by gangs of extremists Muselmaniacs

The black flag of al-Qaeda flies high over Raqqa’s main square in front of the smart new governor’s palace, its former occupant last seen in their prison. Their fighters, clad also in black, patrol the streets, or set up positions behind sandbags.

Muselmaniac cuts heart out of slain victim, eats it:

Allahu ackbar: Muslim eats piece of victim – This is what aid to Syria supports  (BCF)

These are the same savages that accuse the crusaders of having resorted to cannibalism. Now you know: whenever Koranimals make weird claims and accusations that vilify us, its projection. Its what they do and did throughout their miserable 1400 jihad.

Warning – Graphic – h/t db

Kerry gives Syrian al Qaeda $250m in jihad aid

U.S. approves $250m boosted “aid package” to Syrian opposition

U.S. aid to the Syrian opposition is set to double to $250 million, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday, adding that Washington would also provide new non-lethal military equipment for rebel fighters.

The announcement came after talks among the pro-opposition “Friends of Syria” group in Istanbul.–Al Arabiya with AFP –

5 thoughts on “Meet the al Qaeda Cannibals the Obama Regime Supports”

  1. Cannibal Muslim Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier

    From LiveLeak

    These vile creatures destroy Syria piece by piece.

    They are saying; “We swear to god that we will eat your hearts and livers you soldiers or Bashar the dog.. We are the heroes of Baba Amr”

    There is a historical connection to eating heart and livers of men when it comes to the history of Islam;

    “Her status as a Sahaba (companion of Muhammad) remains questioned because of actions she took against the Muslim community before her conversion, particularly an incident of alleged battlefield cannibalism.”
    Sick sick “human” being.


  2. I actually wish Sadam, Gadaffi, and Mubarak would still be there, at least they stopped the effluent leaking too much out of their borders.

  3. Rita, that is the exact reason Sadam, gadaffi and Mubarak remained in Power. They all knew the evil within their countries, likewise Assad and the King of Jordan, and the Emir of Bahrain. When they all fall to the Islamists the world will go to hell. As for Saudi Arabia, I have no pity because they are behind much of the Islamisation of our western countries, so if that country goes up in smoke, I won’t care one iota.

  4. Saudi Arabia runs the seat of the OIC and is already half way to being the seat of the global caliphate – so who is the royal hoping to be the new Caliph do you think – after all Obama did bow and scrap and kiss his ring, and he IS the keeper of The Two Mosques.

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