Al-Qa’ida videos on Aussie’s Facebook site

They’re not Aussie. They are Muslims. Bob Carr would be well advised to leave them where they are.

Al-Qa’ida videos on Aussie’s Facebook site   /BY:MARK SCHLIEBS AND PAUL MALEY

From:The Australian

DOZENS of al-Qa’ida-produced videos, including step-by-step instructions on how to make bombs, were uploaded on to the Facebook profile of an Australian man accused by Saudi authorities of planning to travel to Afghanistan to fight in the conflict.

The page of Shayden Jamil Thorne, who also goes by the name Jamil Abu Slieman, also features “notes” in Arabic, purportedly written by the 25-year-old former Perth man in which he asked Allah to make “our brothers the mujaheddin victorious for your sake everywhere”.

Under a video uploaded under his Arabic name that showed Taliban fighters in their down-time, someone using the same name commented: “Look at the joy and happiness, I ask God that (I) be joined with them.”

In two uploaded videos, both titled “Explosive Charges are more Effective” and produced by al-Qa’ida in Iraq, detailed instructions on how to construct improvised explosive devices were shown.

The videos also feature footage of IEDs destroying US army tanks and vehicles in Iraq, interspersed with quotes from Osama bin Laden. Other videos praising bin Laden were also uploaded by someone using Shayden’s account.

His family did not comment on the contents of the Facebook page yesterday.

The Australian revealed yesterday that Saudi authorities have accused Shayden of being a member of a group of mujaheddin who planned to fight in Afghanistan.

His brother, Junaid, 23, was detained for two months for protesting against Shayden’s arrest, and had left comments on Shayden’s Facebook page in mid-2011.

Their mother, who lives in Western Australia, has said Shayden’s lawyer told her that a laptop with allegedly terrorist material on it was central to the case against him, but that it did not belong to her son.

She said she knew he had borrowed it from a mosque.

On November 23, 2011, a link to footage of a speech by a radical Egyptian cleric in which he called for jihad while standing in front of al- Qa’ida flags was posted by someone with control of the account, under the name Jamil Abu Slieman.

Someone using the Facebook account described it as an “earth-shattering speech”.

Two days after the link appeared on the page, Saudi security services arrested Mr Thorne at a mosque.

He has been in jail ever since, with his Facebook page last updated the day before his arrest.

In a lengthy note uploaded in October 2011, someone using the account lamented the crisis in Syria.

“God, make Islam and Muslims strong and raise the banner of jihad and Islam, and make our brothers the mujaheddin victorious for your sake everywhere,” a translation of the note said.

“God, be with our brothers in Syria and Yemen. You are strong and powerful.

“God, who has defeated the parties, strike at all the infidels. God’s prayers and peace be upon our prophet and beloved Muhammad and upon all his family and companions and upon the mujaheddin, until the Day of Judgment.”

The two Thorne brothers have spent most of their lives in Riyadh, after their mother married a Moroccan man and they moved to Saudi Arabia in 1996.

She moved back to Australia earlier this year.

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