An obscene gesture by an obscene president.

Obama gives his Muslim brother Erdogan not only the red carpet treatment, but gets a marine to hold an umbrella over him, which is highly symbolic.

Obama Calls in the Marines….

Marine muslim …Not to save Americans who were fighting for their lives in Benghazi, but to save him and a(nother) Muslim from rain drops. The Marines were created not long after America’s founding to take out the Muslim pirates who were taking over our ships in the African seas. Maybe Barack Benghazi Obama knew that when he asked/ordered two Marines to “protect” himself and a Muslim from rain, a Muslim who wants to turn Turkey into Islamic hell. It’s an obscene gesture by an obscene president.  More on America’s first non-peaceful contact with Islam.  (Bosch Fawstin)

Meanwhile, back in Turkey:

Anti-Erdogan protests in Turkey

Posted on May 18, 2013 by Eeyore

2 thoughts on “An obscene gesture by an obscene president.”

  1. I am waiting for God to rain fire and brimstone on these two muslims:

    In Tureky:

    Christians were attacked across the country. To implement the strategic attacks, the country’s Christian population was mapped out and 939 key persons from different parts of the country were identified as potential targets. The fully detailed operation consists of four phases: preparation, spreading propaganda, shape opinion and execute

    Note the last sentence: Reminescent of Hitler system of extermination progrom. When the muslims made an alliance with Hitler, no doubt they help train the Nazi-they sure had a lot of experience in this arenea of genocide since 611 AD

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