Aussie “freedom fighters” travelling to the Middle East?

They are not  “freedom fighters” and they are not just “travelling to the Middle East”.

They are Muselmanic headbangers following the call to jihad, to kill non-Muslims and to force the sharia on everyone, especially those who want nothing to do with it.

But don’t take my word for it:

Syrian civil war comes to Melbourne streets

Sonya el-Abbas
Sonya el-Abbas, Roger Abbas

THE Syrian conflict is spilling on to the streets of Melbourne with police investigating attacks by alleged supporters of the regime.

Roxburgh Park woman Sonya El-Abbas, who has travelled to Syria twice on humanitarian missions, said her family had been subjected to threats and attacks, including a foiled drive-by shooting.

“My husband was getting threats saying, ‘we’re going to kill you’, and ‘we’re going to take your wife and daughter’,” she said.

Her younger brother, Roger Abbas, was reportedly killed in crossfire between Syrian government and rebel forces near the Turkish-Syrian border in October while he was doing aid work.

His family, setting up a gym in his memory, have dismissed suggestions he had joined a rebel platoon in Syria.

Mrs El-Abbas said nothing would deter her from supporting the victims of the civil war.

“If anything, I can’t wait to go over again. It’s just a great feeling knowing that you can help in some way,” she said.

She said her husband Khalil Soubjaki’s Coburg car yard had been set alight on two occasions in December and someone had attempted to shoot at their Roxburgh Park home in August because of her husband’s political views.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Melissa Seach said police were investigating.

“We have met with a number of Syrian community leaders to discuss public safety and a small number of isolated incidents that have impacted on sections of the Syrian community in Melbourne,” Senior Constable Seach said.

Tonight the Melbourne kickboxing champion will feature in an episode of ABC2 television series Head First, which looks into Aussie freedom fighters travelling to the Middle East.

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  1. Aussie freedom fighters eh?

    What bullshit. Jihadi assholes- and thats all.

    These media idiots couldn’t lie straight in bed. Scum. pure scum.

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