Australia’s Green Left Shills For Gender Segregation?

“The plight of Muslims!”  The “plight” of the feral watermelons!  The plight of the Poly Bears!

That’s progress, I guess. Everything else would be “counterproductive”,  claims Mohammed Tabbaa.  (via Mullah)

“Counterproductive” is my  all-time favourite lefty word!   

Mohamad Tabbaa is a PhD candidate in Criminology and Law at the University of Melbourne. Yassir Morsi is a research fellow at the international centre for Muslim and non-Muslim understanding, at the University of South Australia.

Here’s a sample of Mohammed’s brain-farts:

Disguising Islamophobia under the cloak of gender equality only harms the plight of both Muslims and women

Recently an Islamic group held an event at the University of Melbourne. The seating was arranged according to gender, as is common with such events. A reporter from the Australian newspaper decided to go along and search for controversies; the promise of discussing jihad at the event must have lured the newspaper into seeing an easy opportunity to vilify Muslims.

This has become a lucrative industry nowadays.

Tell me about it, Mohammed.  I’m rich! I’m rich!  The “Islamophobia industry” made me rich!  (LOL!)


THE University of Melbourne has cancelled an Islamic group’s lecture theatre booking for an “inter-faith” event that was to be held on campus this weekend.

The Islamic Research and Educational Academy had planned to hold an event, “Jesus in the Bible and the Koran”, in the university’s Copland Theatre on Saturday evening. International speakers associated with the IREA have been addressing groups at the university since at least 2005.

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  1. think theyr upset bout the cancelation? muslems are Not experts on any means. & im sure the other faith groups were experts.

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