Australia’s Labor party displays anti-Muslim billboards during election campaign

That’ll be the day.

No, its modern, ‘moderate’ Malaysia that vilifies  Christians. So will we see thousands of fundamentalist Christians riot in the streets of Melbourne and Sydney attacking the mosques?

I won’t hold my breath, but by the looks of this we will be seeing plenty of burning churches shortly:

Malaysia’s ruling party displays anti-Christian billboards during election campaign

Barisan Nasional, the political coalition that has governed Malaysia since its independence, has launched a billboard campaign with pictures of Christian churches. The billboards ask the majority Muslim electorate in the upcoming national election whether they want their children and grandchildren to pray in such places.

“Vote Barisan Nasional because they can protect your religion, race, and nation,” the billboard adds.

Barisan Nasional opposes the use of “Allah” in Christian publications, even though Christians in Malaysia have used the word in reference to God since the early seventeenth century. The leading opposition party adopts a more tolerant attitude toward Christians.

The nation of 29.2 million is 60% Muslim, 19% Buddhist, 6% Hindu, 6% Protestant, and 3% Catholic.

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