Bangladesh: Koranimals Riot For the Death of Bloggers, Beat People to Death For Sharia

That’s us. Ironic that its them who bite the dust in the process. Not sure if they are entitled to their virgins, perhaps some of our Mohammedan lurkers can enlighten us.

Bangladesh: Ten dead and hundreds injured as huge Muslim mobs demanding Sharia blasphemy law battle police


Prominent Muslim leaders in the U.S. and elsewhere have called for restrictions on the freedom of speech, including the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood – and in the U.S., Sheikh Husham al-Husainy of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center in Dearborn, Michigan and Imam Mohammad Qatanani of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, New Jersey. Given Sharia prohibitions on free speech, that is to be expected. So is the violence that Bangladesh is experiencing — it will come here, too.

An update on this story. “Ten dead and hundreds injured as police battle hardline Islamist group demanding death penalty for those who insult Allah,” by Amanda Williams for the Daily Mail, May 5: (JW)

Ten people were killed and hundreds more injured in Bangladesh today in fierce street fighting between police and Islamic hardliners demanding the death penalty for blasphemy.Rioters chanting ‘God is greatest!’ torched shops and vehicles, blocked roads and fought bloody battles with police in the capital of Dhaka and its suburbs.

Seven people were killed in the early morning clashes in the city centre and another three died in Kanchpur on the city’s outskirts, local media reported.

That was a few days ago. The riots have since intensified:

Bangladesh pro-Sharia rioters beating people to death  (JW)

WARNING: Video is not very easy to make out, but disturbing nonetheless. Note that these murderers are adherents to the same Sharia that their coreligionists in the U.S. insist is benign and “Islamophobic” to resist.

“Bangladeshi Islamic mob beating people to death to enact sharia law,” from LiveLeak, May 6 (thanks to JW):

from yesterday, Sunday May 5- 200,000 Islamists marched in large rallies in Bangladesh to press the govt to enact hardline sharia law which critics have described as on par with the Taliban and their legal system. They also demand that the govt kill various bloggers and media figures for “insulting” Islam. Violence spread from Dhaka, the capital to other parts of the country including Chittagong, where this video was recorded and 5 people were murdered in large riots. I have no idea why these people were murdered by the mob, either they wore govt uniforms or they were Hindus, who have been targeted in large scale attacks recently by the majority muslim population. In total 20 people have so far been reported killed from yesterday with the figure likely to climb.