Boston Bombers Muslim Buddies Arrested

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s  associates are  natives of Kazakhstan 

Boston police take three more Boston Marathon jihad bombing suspects into custody

What’s that? They didn’t act alone?

“Breaking: Boston police take three Boston Marathon bombing suspects into custody,” by Liz Goodwin for Yahoo! News, May 1

There is one thing of which we can be certain, even though neither Fox nor anyone else will say it: they were Muslims acting in the name of Islam and jihad.Fox News

New Boston Marathon jihad suspects helped bomber dispose of material after bombing


The suspects with the killer

The Washington Post doesn’t mention that these three are Kazakh Muslims. “Three arrested for allegedly helping suspect after Boston bombings,” by Sari Horwitz for the Washington Post, May 1:

Three college students have been arrested on suspicion of assisting one of the two suspects following the Boston Marathon bombings, according to law enforcement officials.

So why didn’t anyone find it necessary to act when this came up:


Heaven help us:

“Muslims around the world strongly reject violence in the name of Islam

Would be nice to know who paid for this trash. Guardianistas  love it:

US Muslim opposition to suicide bombing revealed in extensive study

Pew report based 38,000 interviews showed Muslims in US more opposed to suicide bombs than Muslims in other countries. The report says: ‘US Muslims sometimes more closely resemble other Americans than they do Muslims around the world.’

It goes without saying that Muselmaniacs wouldn’t lie to filthy kafirs when asked about their intentions.


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  1. What? Wait. The talking head at the White House said the Bomb brothers acted alone.

    Why the WH wouldn’t lie would they?

    Seriously, Jail them and then kick them out of the US. Also, US news said there was female DNA found on the bomb as well. If the third person mentioned above is not the women whose DNA was found on the bomb, how many people does it take to make up a cell?

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