Brain Damage

Coping with terrorism in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings

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About the Lefts gutless unwillingness to face reality.  In fact their complete denial of reality and the obsession with what the weather will be like in 100 years. Then there’s the blame-switch, the “blame America” for all ills of the third world, and the absurd, like here:

 Tamerlan did it cause he had brain damage. (Vlad)

Yes, we can be sure that he had brain damage. But not from boxing. (I would suggest that people who cook up this rubbish should have their heads examined)


3 thoughts on “Brain Damage”

  1. ” Tamerlan did it cause he had brain damage.” <–seriously, the person who actually said that should be embarrassed.

    The problem with that silly and fallacious argument, is proof of data of all the boxers who never went on to kill crowds of people in modern boxing history.

  2. I have an idea
    It’s not (yet) illegal to burn a Koran right?
    We need to have an annual burn the Koran day.
    I would be happy to join if there was enough people
    because doing it alone would probably get me killed.
    If burning won’t do, how about a march downtown where everyone rips pages out of the Koran and throws them on the street?
    There must be something we can do before it’s too late

  3. There is something we can do. Educate ourselves. Clear our minds to crystal clarity and become immovably resolute. Name and face the enemy. Read Sun Tzu, Musashi, Tesshu and other books on combat and warfare. Vote dhimmis and Muslims out. Learn to protect ourselves in armed and unarmed combat (sign up at a martial arts school today). Have a survival plan (food, water, shelter, medicine, communication, meeting place, weapons). Avoid all economic interaction with Muslims where possible. Don’t patronize Muslim businesses if possible. Don’t take any s**t off any Muslim, ever. Don’t blink, don’t stutter, don’t twitch, don’t apologize, don’t explain, don’t rationalize, don’t equivocate, don’t back up, don’t give ground, ever.

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