Buried With Jews, Downunder

Islamo-bullshitters from around the world believe we are too dumb to read:

“Some people claim that the Quran passages promote violence.”

“Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb” means the same thing, in or out of context   (Mullah)


Abdullah Saeed, writer for The Australian,  babbles stupidly about … Leviticus! And:  “extremists” who kill in the name of Islam are “not real Muslims”.…  blah blah….

In Death We Trust

Sydney’s Muslim, Jewish communities to share burial space in local cemetery  (Haaretz)

New 3.3-hectare site will have enough burial space for both communities for the next decade or more.

276801379-1Michael Burd, a vocal critic of Islamic extremism in Australia, said he was horrified. (So am I)

Referring to Lebanese-born Sheikh Yahya Safi, the Imam of Lakemba Mosque who was at last week’s official opening, Burd added: “Sheikh Safi presides over a mosque that is notorious for espousing hatred of Israel and Jews in Sydney. Our Jewish community representative who agreed to this joint venture should be ashamed of himself,” he said.

Strange way to promote peace

THE Sydney Peace Foundation’s stated purpose is “to promote universal human rights and peace with justice” as the building blocks of any civil society. Foundation chairman Stuart Rees, however, believes that the existence of Israel is the problem.

For the head of an organisation ostensibly committed to peace, such bias suggests underlying values that are strangely skewed. (The Australian)


Cuts to foreign aid are expected to save the government’s coffers up to $3 billion. But let’s not forget Wayne Swan declared in 2012 that Australia’s 23 million people needed to bail out the 500 million people of the destitute Eurozone, and the basket-case-that-is-theEU desperately needed $7 billion from us.  (JoAnn Nova)

Wakademic Recall

In the queer and twisted world of Law lecturer and Fairfax columnist Alecia Simmonds  anyone who doesn’t possess a university degree is an imbecile.–   Learned stupidity vs  the “ill-educated  imbecilic Andrew Bolt who never made it past first-year uni”



4 thoughts on “Buried With Jews, Downunder”

  1. Just read what this Finkelswine has to say and he really deserves your nick. In fact, he would probably looorrve being buried in a muslim cemetery.

    As to a jewish/muslim common burial ground: what kind of sick necrophiliac has thought that one up? YUK !

  2. Obviously we should bury the rabid foxes we have to put down, with the human babies they killed, too. That’s “diversively inclusive,” right?!

    Finkelswine says he hasn’t changed his narrow-minded, short-sighted and slanderous views, but still somehow feels uniquely qualified to be the moderator diplomat who wants to resolve the illusory conflict he himself created. What a generous guy!

    Wayne Swan has decided that tradition (“we’ve always done it before!”) should trump common sense.

    Speaking of the lack of common sense, Alecia Simmonds’ credentialist assertion is completely backwards.

    In stead of advocating more kids go into perpetual debt just so they can say: “I paid people who said they’re smart, to say I’m smart, too!”
    she shold realize that top-down idolatrous authoritaryan education salsemen only promote them selves by withholding facts; after all, there’s no money in solutions! So they don’t actually teach, they command, and hoard their elitist information on a “need to know” (buy you low to sell me as the most high) basis of idolatry!

    Unfortunately for society, this literal idiocy, with its endless lists of critical thinking logical fallacy evasions and excuses for the “I meant to do that!” false right to remain irresponsibly wrong, trickles down from each generation to the next, with each thereby growing “progressively” ever more clueless and entitled to remain so, untill it culminates in a virtual veritable avalanche of ignorance! Criminally negligent infantile delinquents CAN only “teach” (abuse their students with) ever more of the same drivel!

  3. I went to university in the late nineties and early 2000s. I can say with confidence that the place was swarming with fools.

  4. I was “taught” (abused) by communists (my first year philosophy prof was the official leader of the communist party of Canada) and feminazis; so if you didn’t kowtow to their subjectivist, group identity rights without responsibilities party lines, then you didn’t pass “their” (which you paid your own money them to teach) courses – period.

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