CAIR will bring Abu Graib terrorists from Iraq to America to sue the U.S. government

Not one Gitmo inmate has been brought to trial.
Hasan Nidal Malik who shot 40 servicemen and women and killed 13 at  breakfast in a case of  “workplace violence” is still getting his salary as an army shrink. The Obama-Holder cabal sees no urgency in bringing jihadists to trial, but when it comes to help Islamic terrorists to wage litigation jihad the Obama regime can be trusted to help… the terrorists. They always do.
Terror-linked Hamas Front CAIR will bring Abu Graib Iraqi terrorists to America to sue the U.S. government and private contractors for alleged torture of terrorists  (BNI)

The only terrorists who should be on trial are the terrorism-funders from CAIR, several of whom are already sitting in jail from their convictions in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism-financing case. CAIR was also named as co-conspirators in this case.

Cair feels the heat:

Hamas-CAIR’s FBI “ENTRAPMENT” Myth Morphs: Jihad is a Mental Illness

In the wake of the blood and carnage of the Boston jihad bombings, Hamas-CAIR is stepping up its aggressive efforts to shut down the very law enforcement programs that succeeded in thwarting a large majority of jihadist attacks.

In other news from Soddy Barbaria:

Can any such incidents be false flag operations? We may never know, or at least not until Oliver Stone comes along and figures this out for us in a new blockbuster movie.

Ali Shihabi is so full of shiite it makes your head spin. The above is just about the only sentence in his whole script that is accurate:

“Bin Laden had no interest in changing the “American way of life.”

But he did. He ‘invited’ America to submit to Islam. 


“Our animosity is based on religion.  We hate Americans for their secular ideology.”– Mullah Omar, Taliban leader

Here are many more examples of why they hate us and why they fight:

“The  jihad will continue until Islam is spread throughout the whole world.”–Faisel Shahzad, in his farewell tape, made shortly before the attempt to mass murder hundreds of New Yorkers at Times Square.


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