Dumber than dirt: “Muslim poverty threatening our security”

Clowns like MSNBC’S TOURE threaten our security, not Muslim poverty.

 Pamela Geller :”Muslim Poverty Is What Threatens Our Security”

“…Terrorism is fueled by extreme poverty in foreign nations and if immigrants could just come to America to work, their “anger” and “misunderstanding” towards America would be diminished because they’d have the chance to reap the economic benefits this country offers.

“The answer to our immigration issue is open borders,” Touré added. “Tear down the fences. Rip up the red tape. Yep, I’m embracing the open borders movement.”


MSNBC Host’s Bizarre ‘Open Borders’ Plan: If We Let in More Muslim Immigrants, There Will Be Less Radical Islamic Terrorism
“It is Muslim poverty that’s threatening our security, not our immigration system.”Read More »

Psycho Terror 

Obama wants that post American world, and his administration will impose any defeat on us to get there.

By /Fronpagemag

Eliminate motive from terrorism and it becomes no different than investigating a random killing.

The only way to defeat Islamic terrorism is to defeat ourselves.

Blowback theory has been dressed up in academic language and expert jargon, but all it amounts to is Stockholm Syndrome with a lecture hall. Its essential postulate is that if we become more passive in our responses, a strategy that is usually described with the complementary term, “smart”, as in “smart war” and “smart investigation”, then the enemy will become more passive in response to our passivity.

Smart wars and smart investigations are those that don’t offend Muslims. The cost of the smart war in Afghanistan has been a very expensive and bloody defeat. The cost of the smart investigation can be seen in the streets of Boston or in Fort Hood.

The Trojan Horse is within the gates, and the liberals continue faulting the United States.
Political correctness and political pandering are the handmaidens of terrorism ~Michelle Maulkin~

Obama Smuggles Guns to Mexico, Blames 2nd Amendment for Mexican Gun Violence

Enough already! Somebody has to pull the plug on this asshole. Who will rid of this lunatic?

Obama delivered a speech today in Mexico City where he blamed the United States for being the root of Mexico’s violence. He even implied that the 2nd Amendment was to blame, after absurdly claiming he was committed to “uphold” the right to bear arms.

Obama Tells College Grads Not to Worry About Tyranny

Someone who didn’t have designs on the battered remnants of our liberty wouldn’t have said this at an Ohio State commencement address yesterday:

Note that he conflates the government with the people it governs, despite their interests being diametrically opposite in many respects. What the government does, we all do, as a single Borg. This is oligarchical collectivism, the ideology of the tyrants Obama doesn’t want us to worry about. (Moonbattery)

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  1. Wow! In England our wonderful labour party spent thirteen years tearing down the borders and look how well that’s gone!

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