Egyptian hotel workers sexually harass tourists, too

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Egyptian hotel workers sexually harass tourists, too  (EoZ)

Given that an overwhelming majority of Egyptian women, and foreign women in Egypt, report being sexually harassed, this isn’t too surprising:

Hotels will be closed if staff are found to have sexually harassed tourists, Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou has said.

Foreign travel agents have complained about the inappropriate behavior of some hotel staff towards tourists,” Zaazou told Al-Hayat 2 private satellite channel on Saturday. “They threaten to remove Egypt from their list of tourist destinations.”

Zaazou told Ahram Online on Sunday that he would meet with members of the Egyptian Hotels Association to discuss the move.

“I am determined to close hotels where sexual harassment has taken place because this behavior has an impact on the country’s reputation,” Zaazou asserted.

The tourism ministry has recorded 150 cases of sexual harassment against tourists over the last two years. There have also been three recorded rapes in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.

5 thoughts on “Egyptian hotel workers sexually harass tourists, too”

  1. It is very simple – stay out of Egypt. Who wants to travel to any muslim country for a holiday – why go to a third world cess pool filled with muslims for vacation – you would have to be out of your mind!

  2. Just about everyone I know who has visited Egypt says they’ll never return. I generally ask them why they went in the first place. The usual answer is “it’s hot and cheap” People just don’t learn.

  3. I was planning to visit this year, for the archaeology and stuff, but probably not now. Having been to Jordan (to visit Petra) there is a palpable difference in the atmosphere when you cross over between Israel and Jordan. The sense of weight coming off the shoulders when heading back to Israel, I can imagine what it must be like in Egypt…

  4. I was there 5 years ago and stayed with a Coptic Christian friend’s family in Alexandria. (Pharaoh Hosni Mubarek was still in charge back then).

    The only sexual harrassment I “suffered” from, was the weird but very hot stewardesses on the bus trip between Alex and Cairo and back. (Yes they have hot stewardesses on the buses there – or at least they had them, before the MuBros took over the place). I seriously thought they were about to blow me right there in my seat, they acted so … Submissively.

    But maybe that was because I wasn’t a local (the local guys are very effeminate and spoon together with each other in the bus seats – very disturbing behaviour, prolly caused by the fact that muzis in Egypt aren’t allowed to have any contact, sexual or otherwise, with any women until after they get married, yet what with all the hot young girls being taken up to become part of some rich old guys’ harems of four wives, that must seem to never actually happen either)!

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