Even Moonbats Notice Media Bias

Kirsten Powers On Benghazi:

Took a while. Now what?

Islam, nothing else matters:

Obama To Fund Muslim Terrorist Groups In Canada

“False Narrative”


Dennis Kaputnik

“when you get on the eve of an election everything becomes political.”

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich: OF COURSE the Benghazi Talking Points Were Politically Scrubbed


Impeachment, Now!

MSNBC Drops the I Bomb

Even the gibbering moonbats at MSNBC obliquely acknowledge that Benghazi may justify impeachment: Moonbattery



One thought on “Even Moonbats Notice Media Bias”

  1. And the end justifies the means, as in Marxism (for our leftist leaders), and as in taqiya (for our Muslim “brothers”). Elementary, when you ask where are journos and editors educated? answer: in leftist-dominated tertiary institutions, now being subverted and overrun by Islam. Fancy that! Who would have thought?

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