France: al Reuters supplies excuses for jihadists

France struggles to contain jihad recruitment in prisons

France has a problem with jihad recruitment? Me thinks France has a problem with Islam:


This is a problem all over the West. Islamic supremacists target prisoners for recruitment because they have in them a population that is already alienated and aggressive — and they preach to them a religion of aggression and alienation (from the Infidels and their society).

“France struggles to fight radical Islam in its jails,” by Alexandria Sage for Reuters, May 7 (thanks to JW):

Note that al Reuters hastens to supply the excuses:

(Reuters) – In France, the path to radical Islam often begins with a minor offence that throws a young man into an overcrowded, violent jail and produces a hardened convert ready for jihad.

And this:

France stands out because over half its inmates are estimated to be Muslim, many from communities blighted by poverty and unemployment….

But what if its not “poverty”, “unemployment” or “marginalization?”

Robert Spencer: How mothers from hell raise their boys to do evil

What if  love of death and jihad is instilled in children?

With the country on heightened security alert since January when French troops began fighting al Qaeda-linked Islamists in Mali, authorities are increasingly worried about home-grown militants emerging from France’s own jails.

But despite government efforts to tackle the problem, conditions behind bars are still turning young Muslims into easy prey for jhadist recruiters, according to guards, prison directors, ex-inmates, chaplains and crime experts interviewed over the last few months by Reuters.

“I have parents who come to me and say: ‘My son went in a dealer and came out a fundamentalist’,” said Hassen Chalghoumi, imam of the mosque in Drancy, a gritty suburb north of Paris.

Malian Islamists have warned France it is a target for attacks, most recently in a video that came to light on Tuesday. This has added to concern in a country which, according to the Europol police agency, arrested 91 people in 2012 on suspicion of what it categorized as religiously-inspired terrorism.

These numbers are by far the highest for any European Union country, although tiny when compared with France’s estimated 5 to 6 million Muslims, the overwhelming majority of whom are peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

France, which has Europe’s biggest Muslim population, is not alone. International studies show that prison radicalization is a problem in countries ranging from Britain and the United States to Afghanistan. However, France stands out because over half its inmates are estimated to be Muslim, many from communities blighted by poverty and unemployment….

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  1. Saw the same in the Ottawa Citizen today – islamists in Mali are described as “militants,” but NOT, of course, as “terrorists” – even though they are specifically accused of acts of terrorism, directly in the article itself.

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