French Ministers Refuse to Meet With Tariq Ramadan

No one should give him the light of day. No western university should give him a soapbox, ever.

French ministers refuse to attend conference with Islamic scholar who teaches at Oxford University

Thanks to Mullah


He is an Islamic scholar who teaches at Oxford University and a former member of a working group on “extremism” set up by Tony Blair. Time magazine once described him as the “leading thinker” among Europe’s second and third-generation Muslim immigrants.

Time magazine stinks. Its a forum for Arab Muslim prop. Its run by Muslim  propagandists like Fareed Zakaria for whom a dodgy creature like Ramadan is some kind of hero.

Brother Tariq is no “leading thinker”.  He is a radical Islamic headbanger.  Tariq is the grandson of Hassan al Banna, father of the Muslim Brotherhood. His chair at the university is bought  with Arab money and help from the treacherous Islamopanderer Tony BLiar. Brother Tariq  is no “philosopher”, just like George Soros is no ‘philanthropist’. Brother Tariq is  a hardcore  jihadist. He may not blow us up personally, but he wages jihad by  speaking and by writing. Its preposterous to call this creep a “reformer”, he is exactly the opposite. He wants the “pure” Islam of the profit Muhammad, which means back to the 7th century.

3 thoughts on “French Ministers Refuse to Meet With Tariq Ramadan”

  1. Would that be the light at the end of the tunnel?

    Ramadin is the most slimey islamic snake, specialising in Taqyiia, yet – his was the first voice in AUSTRALIA to “analyse” the horrible massacre of little Jewish Children in France by a muslim.

    And what Australian media service chose him?….No prizes for guessing, the ABC’s “relgion report”. When the little bodies of those murdered children were not cold yet, Tariq Ramadan wrote a crappy, typical ABC eulogy, not for the victims, but for the murderer. Don’t you know he had an unhappy childhood and it was the fault of the French society blablabla.

    I wish this piece of nasty work the ugliest brown-eyed virgins available, and sooner rather than later. Arrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh

    The French Interior Minister Manuel Valls and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the Women’s Rights Minister who is also a government spokeswoman

  2. How is it even possible the socialist French grew spines, but “our leaders” can’t and won’t!?!?!

    And for Tony Bliar to pretend “islam is a great religion of peace” when the Bitish government damn-well knew EVERYTHING about islam, over 220 years ago (they had commissioned a perfect translation of the moslem’s own sharia code, the Hedaya, into English for their own law students to manage the Raj empire in Bengal and India, etc) in 1791, is more proof of his and his government’s own total incompetence and criminally negligent TREASON.

  3. Its not that the French have more spine; its just that they have a bit more experience and they should know better how to deal with Mustards.

    But they never really learned the lessons from the Algeria disaster and the resulting immigration from Africa, neither did they implement anything to reverse the conquest which is happening as we look on.

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