German Islam Conference: Muslims Refuse to Discuss Terrorism; Reject Participation of Islam Critics

Top Muslims: ‘terrorism not a topic for talks’  (The Local)

Beautiful. Muselmaniacs get to decide the topic of discussion, which means they will entertain us with their usual grievance theatre and demand the jiziya, to be paid with willing submission.

Since 2006, the German government forces  the so-called ‘Islam-conference’ on recalcitrant Muslim ‘leaders’,  who appear, make their demands and leave without ever conceding anything to the frustrated kafirs. Islam-critics, the  remaining few who muster enough courage to speak out against the criminal aggression of the Mohammedans,  are shouted down by  the support industry of dhimmies and fellow travellers, and usually the soldiers of Allah go home with more jiziya and concessions for their grievances. A pathetic, degenerated circus of vanities without principles or morality.

 Muslim leaders criticized on Saturday the agenda of the German Islamic Conference taking place next week. They do not want terrorism as a key subject, nor Islam critics to attend, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported.
They are also unhappy that the entire agenda has been drafted by the interior ministry. The event, which debuted in 2006 with the proposed aim of promoting dialogue between the government and Muslim communities, has witnessed a loss of support over stalled talks and lack of progress.
Erol Pürlü of the Association of Islamic Cultural Centres (VIKZ) which says it represents 300 Muslim communities nationwide, told the Süddeutsche Zeitungthat amid growing dissent from Muslims, the meeting was “inappropriate”.“The conference only makes sense as a dialogue with Muslim religious communities,” Pürlü told the paper. Though the organisation has accepted its invitation to attend, Pürlü made it clear that expectations were low.

Kenan Kolat, chairman of Germany’s Association of Turkish Communities (TGD), voiced similar dissent. “In its current form, it no longer has any purpose,” he said.

The conference was established by then-interior minister Wolfgang Schäuble in 2006 to improve the working relationship between the government and Muslim communities.

Topics discussed at subsequent meetings have included plans to put Islam on an equal footing with the Church, as well as Muslim religious education and the construction of mosques. In recent times however there seems to have been a shift towards issues of security.

In the past two years several prominent Muslim organisations have pulled out of the talks.

Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany said the conference needed an overhaul. And Ali Kizilkaya, chairman of the Islamic Council of Germany described it as a “train travelling in the wrong direction.”

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From JW:

Germany: Government-sponsored conference on Muslims in Germany irks Muslims by focusing on terrorism

Jihad terrorism is just what it should be focusing upon. German officials should be challenging the Muslim leaders in Germany to back up their vague condemnations of terrorism with real action against the promotion of jihad violence in their communities. They should be challenging them to reject and teach against the supremacist doctrines that call for Muslims to work to replace the infidel form of government with Sharia. They should be telling them that they must discard the elements of Sharia that contradict freedoms guaranteed under the German constitution. But even what is undoubtedly the German government’s defanged and politically approach to terrorism in this “dialogue” with Muslim leaders is enough to rile those leaders, who want the conference to be exclusively about concessions to the Muslims from the government.

“‘Terrorism’ Irks German Islam Conference,” from OnIslam, May 4: