Germany’s “Islam Conference” Backfires (Again)

Definition of Insanity:

doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.–Albert Einstein

Every year  a number of German government apparatchiks kowtow to resident Koranimals in the hope to get some concessions out of them, but instead the soldiers of allah arm wrestle  the dhimmies to hand over just a little more jiziya. The infidel potatoes pay up and end up making just a few more concessions, every time. The “Islam-Conference” is a costly exercise in futility. But who cares about the cost when the “integration” farce is at stake?

Muslims Demand Germany “Make Islam Equal to Christianity”– (Gatestone)

Not “equal”, Islam must reign supreme.  Koranimals don’t want equality, they want to rule. Everything.

If the Germans are dumb and dhimmi enough to cave in to their demands you can flush the fatherland down the Rhine.  Muslims in Germany are demanding the sort of equality that they actively deny religious minorities in their own lands.– (More)

 Islam: a scourge on humanity from its inceptionLaughing-Islamic-Skull