Gillard, Racists, Bigots & BS

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Defend human rights. Scrap the Human Rights Commission

Here is the poison. Unable to find enough evil to justify their existence, our human rights bodies press for more laws and broader definitions to help their catch more Australians in their nets:

In 2001, for instance, Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria’s chairman admitted: “I am not aware of any conclusive evidence that suggests that discrimination is increasing.”

But instead of celebrating a good job well done, the EOCV decided it needed to find more customers…

It pushed the then Labor Government to pass absurdly wide new laws against racial and religious vilification that would define even more Australians as racists and bigots.

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The Government is broke because it believed its own bull

How much of the Gillard Government’s budget troubles have been caused by Labor believing its own bullshit?

THE Coalition has accused Labor of creating a $5 billion black hole in its asylum-seeker budget the next three years by forecasting a substantial slowdown of boats despite record-breaking arrival numbers.

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Gillard Pissweak When Confronted With Muselmanic Claptrap:

“Progress” & “Forward”

State-run Media Knows What’s Holy:

The ABC gives the Dalai Lama a title it denies the Pope

Why does the ABC refer to “his Holiness the Dalai Lama” but not ”his Holiness the Pope”?


“Revised downward” applies to almost all expectations about this government.

Here’s some good news:

More reason to relax:

SEA level rises triggered by Greenland’s melting glaciers will be far less severe than previously thought, new modelling suggests.

Watchdog or welfare agency for Mohammedan grievance mongers?

AUSTRALIA’S intelligence watchdog has called on the federal government to apologise to Maha Habib, the wife of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib, for not keeping her informed about his welfare and circumstances.