Good News: 60% of Fakestinians Are Moderate (or something)

The bad news is that 40% feels that blowing themselves up among Jewish women and children pleases allah and gets them 72 virgins and 28 pearly boyz in Muhammad’s bordello in the sky.

PEW survey finds a substantial amount of Palestinians believe bombings are often or sometimes justified.

BRITISH MUSLIM suicide bombers Ashif Muhammad Hanid, Omar Khan Sharif bombed Mike’s Place in TA

BRITISH MUSLIM suicide bombers Ashif Muhammad Hanid, Omar Khan Sharif bombed Mike’s Place in TA Photo: REUTERS

A substantial number of Palestinians think suicide bombing is justified, a poll by the PEW Research Center published this week found.

The survey, that polled Muslims in 21 countries worldwide, found that 40 percent of Palestinians believe that attacks against civilians in defense of Islam can be often or sometimes justified.

The support for these attacks was high in the region. Twenty-nine percent of Egyptians supported suicide bombings, and 15% of Jordanians. In Turkey, 15% view these attacks as a legitimate means to defending Islam against its enemies.

In Afghanistan, where suicide bombings against Western targets occur frequently, 39% believed it is a justified means of resistance.

The poll also examined Muslim views on the following topics: Homosexuality, women’s rights, Sharia Law, and honor killing.

The findings indicate that 89% of Palestinians think homosexuality is immoral, think women must always “obey” their husband and favor the imposition of Sharia Law into their society. A smaller amount (45%) believe honor killing is sometimes justifiable.

The poll surveyed 994 adults between December 4, 2011 and January 2, 2012.

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  1. Of course the death cult can justify murder, mayhem and bloodshed. They’re only at their best and happiest when they go into that blood lust frenzy.

    You only have to look at the videos readily available concerning Syria and how they just love killing, even their own cult followers.

    Pathetic and disgusting is all I can sum up when it comes to Islam. It’s another form of cancer that we can well do without!

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