Hijabbery & Segregation, the New Fashion Downunder?

Islamic council firm on gender

“Sisters” to the back,  “brothers” to the front.

segregation signs on door

An update on the “menstruating females squat in the back” series:

Of course the Islamic council “is firm” on whatever it is; not only gender. Muslims are in possession of the only truth there is, and they are prepared to kill and die for it.  Its their ‘religion’, and the kafirs have to back off.  Whenever Western modernity and Islamic mores conflict, Muselmaniacs make sure that that islam prevails.  The limp Labor dicks & the lesbionic tards in the Australian government will always back off as long as we don’t stop the rot.

RACHEL BAXENDALE From: The Australian

THE Islamic Council of Victoria has denounced criticism of gender segregation by the University of Melbourne’s leading Islamic scholar as not reflecting the Muslim community’s views.

ICV secretary Ghaith Krayem said he was disappointed in an article by National Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies director Abdullah Saeed, which concluded the practice of segregation at events held on campus was demeaning to women and “a breach of trust and a misuse of the facilities of the university”.

On April 13, a lecture entitled “Islamic rulings on Jihad in Syria & why great scholars’ silence” (sic) was held in the university’s Copland Theatre by Islamic education organisation Hikmah Way.

At the entrance to the lecture, attended by The Australian, signs directed “sisters” to the back of the theatre, and “brothers” to the front.


Following calls for the university to condemn the practice from Tony Abbott, opposition spokeswoman for the status of women Michaelia Cash and her government counterpart Julie Collins, vice-chancellor Glyn Davis penned a cautious response to the issue on the university-subsidised website The Conversation, saying he did not support gender segregation at public events on campus.

The ICV subsequently issued a press release saying: “There is nothing unreasonable in the practices of the events in question; indeed, segregation according to gender is a common practice across many respectable institutions in Australia.”

Mr Krayem said Professor Saeed was entitled to his view. “But the ICV represents the Muslim community in Victoria and works closely with the Board of Imams and we maintain that segregation is appropriate practice at these kinds of events.”

One thought on “Hijabbery & Segregation, the New Fashion Downunder?”

  1. Orwell was right, the Left really are a bunch of pussies.

    So much for Universities being the avant guard of an open society.

    Fascinating to watch the Cultural Marxist in academia excuse, justify gender discrimination and segregation occurring on their campus.

    Perhaps, they’ll justify the segregation by using the Feminist’s favorite deflection, by stating the gender discrimination is really nothing to do with them (the feminists) because it’s a “cultural issue”.


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