How do you install a moral compass in a fully grown adult?”

On the Arrested Development of the Left

The child is father of the man.
 Bruce Bawer offers an astute diagnosis. The progressive multiculturalism to which these elites adhere, he writes, is both decadent and jejune, enabling them to remain mental and emotional children who preen themselves on their kindness. “What made multiculturalism attractive to these people,” Bawer continues, “is that it’s tailor-made for spoiled, narcissistic grown children who don’t want to have adult enemies.” He asks, “How do you repair a culture in which mature moral judgment and adult civic responsibility have systematically been replaced by childish, self-aggrandizing displays of ‘sensitivity’?  (David Solway)

Hijabbed Perception Tacklers:


An AFL team in the vibrant Sydney suburb of Auburn is kicking goals, on and off the field, as they break down perceptions of what it is to be a Muslim woman in Sydney.

“Ultra-ethical” sharia finance downunder:

Crescent Wealth targets ultra-ethical investors with Islamically Compliant Super

Wealth management firm Crescent Wealth has developed its own platform and launched a new ultra-ethical, Shariah-compliant…..blah blah   (Dhumme)

UK: Tireless Muslims  lash out at demonised witch hunters and truth

“… pernicious campaign which increasingly demonizes [Muslim Students], contributing to a climate of fear and suspicion of Britain’s 100,000 Muslim students who work tirelessly to build more inclusive and respectful campuses.

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