Indonesian president vows to outgun Australia

No worries, the armies of Hussein Obama will protect us from the Muslim hordes. In the meantime, lets send Indonesia another few billion dollars for mosques and madrases so they can teach  that moderate form of Islam we’re all waiting for.

Photo: Indonesian troops on parade in Jakarta last year (AFP: Romeo Gacad)

Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono says his country should strive to have a more powerful military than Australia.  (George Roberts)

About 16,000 Indonesian troops are preparing for joint military exercises in East Java.

Meeting with military commanders, Mr Yudhoyono told them that Indonesia’s military should be bigger and more modern than countries like Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Indonesia’s military boasts 470,000 active troops, while the Australian Defence Force has just over 80,000 full-time personnel and reservists..

It has also embarked on a military upgrade program, building warships and drones, as well buying fighter jets, helicopters and rockets.


Thousands of Afghan Asylum Seekers on the Way to Australia

‘They are young and educated”- (Translation: they are military age & educated in Islamic jihad) Their friends are already waiting for them DownUnder!

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  1. Indonesia is a LAUGH. Their SF (Korpussus) is near to useless. They can’t survive without major logistic support. I think you’ll find the Indos are only good at fighting when it comes to defenceless men, woman and children.

    Besides they ran away when our troops hit East Timor didn’t they? They had the upper hand before we got there yet they scampered away like the yellow belly Muslim scum they are.

  2. If they are striving to be bigger and better than our ADF then they can stop the boats, we just stop sending them billions of taxpayers dollars.

  3. Indonesia can afford an army but we can’t. But we can afford to pay for Indonesian schools and host a growing army of their fellow Muslims on our soil.
    National suicide.

  4. Uncle Vladdi,
    Believe it or not in the 90’s the ADF was training Indo Officers. I’m not sure of today but i’m guessing that with our so called ‘close ties’ with the Indos it’s still going on.

    On the tri-service K95 exercise a Company of Korpussas (SF) were sent over to replace A Coy 3 RAR who were at Fort Butterworth in Malaysia. I spent 6 weeks with them and they’re certainly not impressive.

  5. @Ironside,

    You said, “I think you’ll find the Indos are only good at fighting when it comes to defenceless men, woman and children.”

    I thought targeting the defenseless was the preferred fighting style of all Muslims?


    Australian special forces fought against Sukhano’s forces in Indonesian Borneo in the early sixties as part of the British Commonwealth defence against Indonesia’s attack on the new state of Malaysia. Their operations were code-named CLARET – google it to learn more. RAAF Tindal was built about 1963 as a base for F111 long-range bombers to operate from, with the range to reach Jakarta. What has the government done to our F111 and the capability they gave us? Answer- they have scrapped them by burying them in the ground, instead of putting them in mothballs like the Yanks do. Our special forces have since trained together with Kopassus, and Kopassus has also trained at the Jungle Training Centre at Canungra, Qld before it moved elsewhere. In East Timor, Kopassus and our special forces were once again adversaries.
    Comment. Sometimes enemies shake hands, but that does not mean they are no longer enemies. I urge you to heed the Sheik’s warning to never, ever underestimate the enemy. I must add that, having identified the enemy, one MUST then commit to DEFEAT that enemy, just like in WW2. There is no room for half measures. We are under attack not just by our neighbour, but by Islam itself. We must, eventually defeat Islam, IN DETAIL, which means unconditional surrender on the enemy’s part – just like Germany and then Japan in WW2. Japan was a fanatical, suicidal enemy. Islam is also a fanatical, suicidal adversary. What did it take to ultimately stop Japan in its tracks? We, like our foe, must be mentally and emotionally prepared to go all the way, until it is ended. Our enemy has chosen the field of battle and the weapons with which to fight. He will give no quarter. We must first get inside his head and only then can we plan to defeat him. In addition to Islam, we are also under attack from the Marxist, Fabian “progressives” (google Fabians to find out more) who are hell-bent on long term social change in their own model – ie a socialist dictatorship along sustainable lines drawn within the Agenda21 model we were signed up to by our illustrious former Prime Minister Paul Keating. (google Agenda21 to learn more.) Each of these two forces is facilitating the other – as we see every day while our leftist government facilitates the march of Islam into our lives and our culture – telling us at the same time to settle down and relax, it’s all taken care of. As unpalatable as it may be, we too must give no quarter when the time comes. If the situation is not successfully addressed politically at the ballot box then in my opinion, civil war will be inevitable, as it has been reported that Islam is planning to take up arms around 2016. It is then that the gloves will come off. Our enemy will be absolutely ruthless and we must be even more so. Our situation will be even more precarious than our fathers and grandfathers found themselves in when they were press-ganged into 39 Battalion and 53 Battalion in the Militia to go and stop the Japs on the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea in 1942. Our backs will be to the wall and every man, woman, and child will be combatants, on every street, in every town, and in every city, until the enemy is defeated. It will be most educational to see then what side the Marxist Fabians and their mates in the Greens choose to fight on. That is the nature of civil war.

    This is a window to a similar problem in America:
    Pay close attention to what the SEAL Ben Smith has to say about Islam and the threat to our civilisation. This is his site:
    May you sleep well tonight. We will ignore the warnings at our peril.

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