Indonesia’s long-term project to make Papua Islamic

by Christina McIntosh

Islam is political through and through and always has been. See Patrick Sookhdeo’s book ‘Faith, Power and Territory’.  Islam involves a seamless fusion of political power with ‘religion’.  Anwar Shaikh, ex-Muslim, called Islam the Arab Imperial Religion; a cult designed to further and sacralise the imperial ambition of the Arabs. – CM

Leader Fadzian Garamatan says AFKN has brought 2200 children out of Papua as part of his program of nationalistic “Islamicisation”.  “When [Papuans] convert to Islam, their desire to be independent reduces“, says Fadzian on AFKN’s internet page.

Muslim Indonesia Is Islamising West Papuan Christian and Animist Children By Deceit or By Force

Internal transportation of children has a long and dishonorable history in Indonesia.

Around 4500 children (this is probably an underestimate – CM) were removed from East Timor (which was also majority non-Muslim, Catholic and animist – CM) over the 24 year Indonesian (Muslim – CM) occupation to serve, in the words of author Helene Van Klinken, in her book ‘Making Them Indonesians’, a “proselytising Islamic faith” and to bind the region closer to Jakarta.

This is simply bog-standard Islam: forcing people to become Muslims. She should have called her book’ “Making Muslims”. – CM

‘Children, she wrote, were chosen because they were “impressionable, and easily manipulated to serve political, racial, ideological and religious aims”.