Islamic Terrorists Still Call Australia Home

“Australian” on trial for terrorism in Saudi Arabia

Both brothers have lived in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade, although they have kept their Australian citizenship.

The brothers have lived in Soddy Barbaria for 10 years “but now they just want to come home”, says Momma:

DFAT says the 25-year-old, named in the media as Shayden Thorne from Perth, was arrested 18 months ago and is being detained in a prison outside Riyadh.

His brother, Junaid Muhammed Thorne, 23, is also in the country but is in hiding after being released from prison after two months of detention without being charged.

Junaid’s cousin, Stephanie Riley, says Shayden was arrested after police found terrorism-related material on a laptop that he had borrowed.

Watch Bob Carr spring into action:

“It is essential that Foreign Minister [Bob] Carr does all he can to ensure the fair treatment of these two Australians.”

Hicks looking for $$$$:

David Hicks to appeal terrorism conviction

Hicks said the guilty plea that led to his conviction at Guantanamo Bay was obtained under duress.


Cultural Enrichment: Sunni Shiite Divide Arrives in Bankstown

Sunni  Jihad vs Shiite Juice

A  (shiite) shopkeeper was extorted, threatened, firebombed, bashed and eventually forced to sell his Bankstown juice bar for a pittance because a gang of Sunni Muslims suspected he supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  His terrifying encounter is one of several incidents of Syria-inspired violence across Sydney.

A Rockdale chicken shop owned by a Shiite Muslim was fire-bombed before it was due to be opened last year.

3 thoughts on “Islamic Terrorists Still Call Australia Home”

  1. We don’t want the Saudi terrorists back – they are not Australians – despite their bought papers, and they are not wanted here. And, come to think of it, nor is Bob Carr – who would be more at home in Saudi Arabia too.

    As to David Hicks: go away.

  2. # Juice bar owner suspected of backing Assad ‘forced to sell’

    It’s not just Max Brenner they obsess over. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Brenner shop here I can patronise. The BDS watermelons will probably ignore the Assad stand-over.

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