Jakarta: “We want to kill Burma Buddhists”

Tiny minority of excremists calls for jihad against Myanmar Buddhists

Hundreds of members of radical Islamic groups on Friday called for “jihad in Myanmar” during rallies in front of the Myanmar embassy in Menteng, Jakarta, to protest growing violence against Rohingya Muslims. … More Kuffarphobia at Jakarta Globe/Mullah

Hundreds of members of radical Islamic groups rally at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle to protest violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar on Friday.

Two Indonesians held over Burma embassy bomb plot, anger rages over Muslim deaths

TWO Indonesians have been detained over a plot to bomb the Burma embassy in Jakarta, officials have said. …

Around 1,000 angry hardliners from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) converged on Burma’s embassy in Jakarta on Friday, brandishing banners that read “we want to kill Burma Buddhists” and “stop genocide in Burma”. …

 No rage over 8 murdered Buddhists in an Indonesian jail…..

Was it on purpose? – Why did Indo police put 117 Muslims in the same room with 11 Buddhists?

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  1. Is it Muslim’ culture or tradition to kill innocent people including children and women because of their Islamic beliefs?
    9/11 and other killings of thousands of innocent people around the world by Muslim extremists is a undeniable proof that they are blood-thirsty people.
    Muslim extremists are those who are threatening world peace.

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