Luton bans Halal meat, Muslims push back!

By David C. Jennings (CFP, thanks to Mullah)

This is what happens when new cultures enter a country and do not face the requirement or receive sufficient time to assimilate properly.

Not so fast:  Islam is not a “new culture”, a  barbaric cult it is;  and we all know that it can’t be assimilated. There is a reason why this “new culture” didn’t enter our countries  before our social engineers opened the floodgates. The question is now how we’re going to reverse it…..

malssacrificedeiduladha_510460-viHalal meat has been withdrawn from 18 schools in Luton following concerns raised by the Local Council of Mosques and the Sunni Council of Mosques. Halal meat is prepared according to Islamic custom with a key requirement that the animal is slaughtered in the name of Allah.

Luton sits on the north side of London with its short haul jet airport being known as London-Luton. The city of 200,000 has transformed both ethnically and religiously over the years so that 30% of its people are now classified as Asian and another 10% as black. Religiously 25% are Muslim while 47% identify culturally as Christian.

Although Asian Muslims are a significant minority in Luton it is quite stunning to learn that they are so influential on the schools system, imposing tenants of Islamic faith on all pupils. Because of the activism of Sharia law advocates many institutions, not just schools, simply wave the white flag and make all their meat purchases halal.

In order to be considered halal, a meat must come from an animal whose throat is slit, with the blood draining out leading to death. Supposedly the animal must be stunned first, but religious slaughter houses are exempt. Animal rights groups and others have complained about the inhumane methods used.

The government is culpable for allowing a religious-exemption for slaughter houses in the first place. Religious preferences can often be accommodated but they cannot supersede basic standards of safety and humane treatment.

It is not outrage from non-Muslims that has led to the withdrawal. Instead of pressure from the non-Muslim majority that all peoples are considered, questions had been raised by the two aforementioned Mosque councils about the halal legitimacy. It had been discovered that there were traces of pork (forbidden meat) in some products from supposedly halal suppliers. The Luton Borough Council immediately caved in to the religious councils and as a result is currently only serving vegetarian meals in the schools pending review.

A Muslim woman, a parent at one of the affected schools said – “All we have received is a letter from the school which states that they have withdrawn halal meat and poultry from the school meals menu with immediate effect, and that the decision has been made pending a review of suppliers , That, to me, is very worrying. As Muslims we have a halal diet and only took the school meal option as we were assured it was halal. Luton Borough Council need to come out and tell us what exactly has gone wrong and what they are going to do about it.”

The entitlement mentality of the woman is phenomenal. The state school system should not be obligated to cater to every religious whim. If children need special diets it is the responsibility of parents to arrange that. It is clear in this instance that the Borough council bears no significant responsibility for the situation other than agreeing to serve halal products in the first place.

ANSA (Association of non-stun abattoirs) have met with members at the House of Lords to advocate for their position. They have warned Muslim consumers that the FSA (Food Standard Agency) has refused to accept their guidelines leading to the need for parents to switch their children to vegetarian diets in school. ANSA additionally has called on Prime Minister David Cameron to instruct the FSA to accept their halal standards.

This is what happens when new cultures enter a country and do not face the requirement or receive sufficient time to assimilate properly. Now it is Muslim enclaves forcing the local governments to accept their standards in place of existing ones. Further they are pressurizing Parliament to act on their behalf. The demands will not stop; it is the ongoing conquering nature of Islam. Britons must either stand up for themselves or become, in the chilling words of the Borg, assimilated – into the new invading culture. The process has already begun.

David Jennings is an ex-pat Brit. living in California.

A Christian Minister he advocates for Traditional & Conservative causes.

David Jennings can be found on Twitter
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5 thoughts on “Luton bans Halal meat, Muslims push back!”

  1. You are not required to eat Halal food when amongst the people of the book(Christians and Jews) and this is clearly stated in the Quaran, Surah 5:5 states:
    “This day are things good and pure made lawful to you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them.”

    And here is why Christians are not allowed to eat Halal meat despite what it says in the Quaran:

  2. Enbrok,
    Unlike food sanctioned for Jewish tables, halal crap is not clearly labeled and a certain percentage of the monies paid for halal crap is diverted to muslim bank accounts – I do not wish to support any think that is vaguely islamic and so I do not buy or support any muslim enterprise or business. Mosts terrorists are muslim and I will not give these scum a cent,

  3. In this case, both groups – one that wants religiously certified food and one that does not – should be able to know what their children are eating.

    Any accommodating solution must start with clear labeling. Without proper labeling, these issues will continue to occur.

    The other approach is to serve only religion-free food and make it clear that those who have religious requirements – whatever they might be – are welcome to bring their own suitable meals.

    These decisions will have to be made by local authorities.

    Rfree Food – The World’s Simple and Respectful “Religion-Free Food” Certification.

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