Masood rubs it

Stop resisting Islam, now!

Masood Akhtar: United States could win more Muslim support through peaceful means  (thanks to Mullah)


Although only a handful of Muslims have been involved in killing innocent people, they are destroying the image of Islam, a peace-loving religion, and creating hardship for the majority of us who are law-abiding citizens who want to live in harmony with others.

As the majority, it is our responsibility to inform law enforcement about individuals if we believe they are involved in suspicious activities.

The media, elected officials and law enforcement should stop using words such as “Islamic terrorists” and “jihadists,” which give the impression the United States is against Islam. This also provides fuel to terrorists.

Terrorists hate the United States when they see unilateral support for Israel, particularly when most member countries in the United Nations oppose it.

Instead of invading other Muslim countries and killing innocent people, the United States should start providing financial support and education to help build their brighter future because their leaders have failed to do so. I am confident the United States could offer that leadership and ultimately win.

Let’s turn their hate into love and peace.

— Masood Akhtar, Middleton


McCain’s Spring Fever

McRINO is a bloody nutcase. Why doesn’t he just saddle up and ride into the sunset?

‘Damned Foolishness’? That Would Be ‘Setting Up a Benghazi in Syria,’ Senator McCain


When it comes to Islamic countries, McCain has a considerable history of utter confusion about who the “right people” are, of choosing the wrong people, and of pretending the wrong people are the right people after our government has damned foolishly followed his advice. Do Republicans really want to keep taking their cues from a guy who wants to “set up a Benghazi in Syria”?