Michael Mannheimer’s Show Trial in Heilbronn

Show Trial in Heilbronn

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Long-time readers are familiar with Michael Mannheimer, a German journalist and Counterjihad activist whose work has appeared in this space several times in the past. He also spoke at the Rally for Free Expression in Amsterdam on October 30, 2010.

Mr. Mannheimer has run afoul of politically correct jurisprudence in Modern Multicultural Germany, and was convicted of defamation on April 19 in a Heilbronn courtroom. As the following account makes clear, a kangaroo court would actually have been a judicial improvement.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who has been through her own legal hell in Austria, sends this introduction to the trial of Michael Mannheimer:

Michael Mannheimer, one of Germany’s most avid — and thus most strongly disliked — critics of Islam has once again been dragged before a judge.

That alone is scandalous; but the manner in which his court appearance took shape is beyond words. A German court system that shudders as a result of the NSU murders and caters to the needs of a foreign entity (i.e. Turkey, which demands — demands!! — to be heard at an court session) seems to have forgotten the basic rules in how to conduct a trial.

Read for yourself and weep.

The following article by Conny Axel Meier was published at Michael Mannheimer’s website. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Farce-Trial in Heilbronn District Court
Mannheimer Without Attorney

by Conny Meier, BPE

Lawyer for Islam-Critic Mannheimer not notified of the trial!

(Mannheimer’s attorney did not receive a fax notification until the day of the trial. He was already otherwise engaged. Trial procedure requires a written notification of at least 7 days before the beginning of the trial. Mannheimer had to appear before the court without legal representation.)

A Mockery of a Trial in Heilbronn District Court

In a procedure reminiscent of long-ago show-trials that have nothing to do with the rule of law, author, Michael Merkle — known by the pseudonym Michael Mannheimer — was today sentenced to 60 per diem fines for defamation and infringement of copyright.

April 18, 2013 is one of the darker days for jurisprudence in the Federal Republic. Basic constitutional principles, including regulations for the code of procedure in criminal trials (STPO) were grossly violated, sacrificed on the altar of Multiculturalism and thus exposed to ridicule. Notification of Michael Mannheimer’s attorney was not given until yesterday — by fax, a day before the beginning of the trial and a violation of deadline for notification — although it was a known fact that the attorney had other court obligations on the same day. Postponement was refused by Judge Thomas Berkner, with the flimsiest of reasons. So that is how they assured that Mannheimer would not have the help of his lawyer to defend himself.

Not even from the trials under Roland Friesler* was any defendant known whose right to defense was withheld in such a sleazy fashion. Although the decisions mostly took place before the beginning of those trials, the defendant was pro forma allowed to call upon a defense attorney. Today, the court would even have refused Mannheimer that right. A fair trial procedure does not look like this.

With a massive police presence — riots by the local Antifa were expected — and with security measures similar to terrorist trials, there were approximately ten spectators, half of whom were press from the Heilbronner Stimme [Heilbronn Voice] and the SWR [Southwest Radio], which had been in the forefront with tendentious reports about the “Islam-hater”.

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