Motherly Love: “my son is not a terrorist and bin Laden is misunderstood….”


Its a motherly jihad:

The mother of a WA Saudi (Musel-)man on trial for terrorism offences in Saudi Arabia says her son’s Facebook postings about Osama bin Laden should not be misinterpreted.

“A lot of Saudis find Osama bin Laden inspirational in the sense that he stood up to America,” she said. “But this does not mean that they condone his actions or condone terrorism and the acts of Osama bin Laden are not condoned Islamically.”

Terror accused praised Osama

Andrew Probyn, Federal Political Editor, The West Australian

Their 43-year-old mother, who lives in Thornlie, has said the Federal Government has not done enough to help her sons.   She said that she had sought help from the WA Aboriginal Legal Service and spoken to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda to put pressure on the Government. …   More Osamaphilia at Yahoo! 7News thanks to Mullah

In other news from DownUnder:

Pompous man. Lives in Malvern, represents Dandenong. (Lies  just like Gillard.)

Rules are for little people, not Dreyfus

THE country’s top lawmaker has been forced into an embarrassing apology after his refusal to abide by aviation rules and turn off his mobile phone during a flight resulted in police being called to meet him when the plane touched down.

White man’s burden: bad, racist police of Dandenong 

Proper reaction: What have we done to provoke this understandble response?

….a group of young African Australians claimed they had been victims of over-policing and racial profiling….

Last month, more terrible racial profiling:

We should start by asking what we can do to support Australians of African backgrounds achieve the social inclusion they strive for. This includes celebrating achievement and acknowledging success.

I celebrate and acknowledge a successful mugging or two:

TWO men have been viciously beaten by a gang of thugs in a Melbourne park.

Our responsibility to improve ties with troubled ethnic youths.

Technical Glitch

“There was obviously a technical glitch there,” Communications Minister Stephen Conroy

You’d think $44 billion would buy you a decent connection. No such luck.