Museum of Stereotyping & Myth Dispelling

The stereotypical mustard obsession with dispelling muslim stereotypes continues, using muslim stereotypes

The exhibit’s curator says one of the goals is to dispel negative stereotypes.

The Arabic word “muslima” means a woman who believes in God. … More stereotypes  at WNN/ Faiza Elmasry – WNN GlobalARTS thanks to Mullah

Mustard babbles incoherently about things that are totally un-Islamic….

…like tolerance  and understanding, common shared values like “kill unbelievers wherever you find them….  (Vlad)

Inter-Faith Network of Calgary (IFNC) visits the Calgary Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre

Discovery Channel Watch

A Mennonite Goes Looking for “the Real Islam” at Edmonton’s Al Rashid Mosque

“I want to hear about Islam from  (real)  Muslims.” — (Scaramouche)

“Jihad means struggle”

…some say Islam means ‘peace’ & ‘love’…..

Wimbledon Library hosts exhibition to dispel myths promote fairy tales about islam

The group wants to try get of rid some of the negativity surrounding Islam that is often portrayed in the media.

“The term jihad actually means struggle – A struggle with yourself to be a better person and a struggle to help your community,” said Mr Ullah Giny … More myth-dispelling and BS at SWLondoner/By Christine Dorisamy-Pillai/Mullah

Members of the London Muslim Mosque are inviting all Londoners to an open house Sunday

London moske members claim islam is a peaceful and welcoming faith

Mosque members — who said they did not know the teens and had not seen them at the mosque — held a news conference immediately condemning terrorism and defending Islam as being a peaceful and welcoming faith. …

More deflection at The London Free Press/Mullah/By Jennifer O’Brien