No Bias To See Here

Tim Blair:

Jonathan. Green. Is. Lecturing. Us. About. Bias. This is really happening.

Here in Oz, the  journalistic fringe is so loud, so insistent, so ubiquitous that they are capable of turning the national mind.

Gaaawd! What’s the world coming to?

Journalism is neither of the right or left; it is, for want of something less pompous, of the truth.

Then the ABC shouldn’t have any problem with, as Andrew Bolt suggests, hiring a few conservatives.

Another misguided Zionhasser shoots himself in the foot:

Say it in Arabic instead, Professor


Tim Blair is right. If Professor Stephen Hawking really wants to boycott Israeli stuff, let him start with the equipment he uses to communicate.  (Andrew Bolt)


5 thoughts on “No Bias To See Here”

  1. If ever I cross this Idiot Savant and he falls over in his wheel machine, I will cross to the other side of the street and leave him there. Bloody biting the hand that lets him have a life, bloody Jew-Hater.

  2. About time the dickhead wiped his own arse. Dump him in Saudi Arabia and let him push himself home.

  3. Boycott Science! Einstein vas ein Jew!

    So, Hawking is looking for an “African Einstein!”?!

    Where – among the inbred Arabs who have been marrying their own multiple first cousins for over 1,400 years?

    Among their millions of Submissive ADBs (Black slaves)?!

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