Obama Authorised IRS Terror

The Moonbat Messiah is a hateful, vindictive and destructive little putz:

“Legitimate” IRS Terror

NAACP Leader: IRS Was Legitimate to Target “Overtly Racist” Tea Party – the “Taliban Wing of American Politics” (GWP)

 Just think… This group used to care about civil rights!  Now they’re just irrational lackeys for the Obama regime.

BOMBSHELL… ABC Analyst: West Wing Of White House Authorized IRS-Gate Targeting (GWP)

ABC’s Trey Hardin suggested “with a very strong sense of certainty” that the West Wing of the White House authorized the IRS targeting of conservative groups.


It’s an Obama World… IRS Told Pro-Life Group It Must Promote Abortion

And the Catholic church must offer free contraception.

IRS Targeted St. Louis News Anchor After Tough Interview With Obama in 2012

In April 2012 St. Louis News 4’s Larry Conners grilled President Barack Obama on his extravagant vacation schedule and on bullying the Supreme Court.

Its Fox’s Fault!

Figures. Jay Carney Rips FOX News During Heated Press Conference on WH Scandals (GWP)


EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Here’s a List of Outrageous and Intrusive IRS Questions Sent to Ohio Tea Party Group


3 thoughts on “Obama Authorised IRS Terror”

  1. WND reported today the IRS is blaming only two “rogue” agents for this (prolly two part-time students who worked in the mail room and aren’t entitled to have even the government workers union defend them)!

    The Obamessiah feels quite freely entitled to impose his fact-free opinions on reality, at all costs to everyone else.

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