Obamessiah forcing Islam on EUrabia?

U.S. commission accuses Western Europe of ‘very aggressive secularism’

A US panel criticized Western European countries Tuesday for “aggressive secularism” as it released a report on religious freedom that took aim at laws banning full-face veils in public.

The report addressed laws in France and Belgium that ban the wearing of full-face veils in public, noting that Muslim women who do so can now be stopped, questioned and fined by authorities.  “This raises discrimination concerns,” the report said.

Global Muslims Want Shari`ah: Poll

The good news: sharia isn’t “monolithic”– sharia is fluid, it changes, it isn’t narrowed to one monolithic idea…. (but everywhere where the sharia rules it looks the same an creates the same misery and injustice….)

The survey, titled “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society”, shows that large majorities of Muslims around the world support the application of Shari`ah as the official law in their countries. …More whoring after the strange god and its laws at onislam via Mullah

“Six British Men” have pleaded guilty to a potentially deadly bomb plot that targeted a public rally of a prominent right-wing group. (The EDL is now a “prominent” right-wing group?)

Birmingham Muslims Combat “Distorted Message of Islam”

There goes the pub:

EDL plans demo at former Leeds pub earmarked as Islamic community centre – Top Stories – Yorkshire Evening Post

Saturday’s (May 4) rally outside the old Lingfield pub in Alwoodley comes just four days after six men pleaded guilty to a failed plot to blow up an EDL demonstration in Dewsbury last year. …