Ontario Mosqueteers Roll Islamic Turds in Glitter

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Da’awa, nothing but da’awa:

Islam is a religion of peace, but one that is often misunderstood, viewed as closed off to nonbelievers and twisted to justify heinous acts against humanity.

(Translation: “heinous acts” means resisting Islam, “humanity” means Muslims only. Unbelievers are sons of apes & swine.)

If the hated kuffars would know Islam they wouldn’t be fearful anymore and convert to the religion of truth:

LONDON, Ontario – Seeking to clear image of Islam following an aborted plot to attack trains and deadly bombings in the United States, the Muslim community in the east-central Canadian province of Ontario has opened their mosque doors to visitors to get a better understanding of their faith.

Anti-Islam Stereotypes Are Rooted in Ignorance

More stereotypical taqiyya, “tiny minority of excremist”-BS and igorant Islamo-blather by Saad Asad in the Guardian.

“Islamophobia is anti-American”

Muselmaniac knows what’s “anti-American”?  (“islamophobia”results from islamic terror. More at Global Grind)

Back to reality:

GBTV Life under Sharia law