PuffHo Promo: Muhammad, the “Social Reformer”

Be sure to have a vomit bag handy when you read yourself through this:

In the queer and twisted world of Islamo-propagandists like Amaar Ahmed, the genocidal bandit chief of the Mohammedans is not what he was, but whatever they would like him to be:

 Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, reformed his society in all five respects which laid the foundation of the Arab and Muslim civilization. (His first ‘reform’ was making the Arab peninsula Judenrein!)

Their later decline and today’s extremism from some Muslims has unfortunately obscured the historical contributions by the Prophet for humanity. (Mountains of skulls and the death of many better cultures and civilisations come to mind….)

1. Religious Freedom

2. Racial Equality

3. Education

4. Women’s Rights

5. Islam’s “Geneva Convention”

Prophet Muhammad: The Social Reformer  (PuffHo)

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The Savage POTUS: “maybe I should just pack up and go home…”

The Marxist Muslim has a hissy fit. Classy!

Barenaked Islam: The “un” President. He’s “un” American, “un” Quailifed, “un” Dignified and loves the ” u n “.

Obama on Gitmo Terrorists:

He can feel the pain of his Muslim brothers in Gitmo:

“I Don’t Want These Individuals to Die” (GWP)

During his press conference yesterday  Obama promised, once again, to shut down Gitmo.


Al BeBeeCeera excuses Muselmaniacs for causing another riot in Burma

Here comes the “accidental bump”

The violence in Oakkan erupted after a woman accidentally bumped into a novice monk and knocked his alms bowl onto the ground, the AFP news agency cited Ye Htut’s Facebook post as saying.

DPA has a completely different take on the story:

Broken begging bowl leads to attack on mosque in Myanmar

Myanmar police on Tuesday detained a Muslim woman under suspicion of knocking a Buddhist monk’s begging bowl out of his hands, sparking an attack on a mosque and raising tensions.

“We had to detain the women to control the potential unrest in the region,” said a senior police official….

Burmese Rohingya madrassa students pray at a local mosque: Muslims comprise about 5% of the population. (They are Bangladeshi invaders, not Burmese. A “Rohingya people” does not exist, its a Mohammedan fantasy product)

As always, the Grunard reports “sectarian clashes”, blames “radical monks”

Burma sectarian clashes erupt in Oakkan town

Brick-wielding gangs smash mosque windows and loot shops as unrest between Muslims and Buddhists intensifies.  Radical monks have been accused of inciting anti-Muslim violence  through speeches delivered across the country and disseminated on recordings sold in shops and at street stalls.


Seven Muslim men are on trial in Meikhtila charged with murdering a monk, seen as the trigger for the riots.

“Terrorism is anti-Islam…”

…and Islam means peace:

Muselmaniacs have been lying like  this for 1400 years. In the UK they had some spectacular successes with this pretzel logic:   Government renames Islamic terrorism as ‘anti-Islamic activity’ to woo Muslims

, a propagandist for al Jizz, calls himself a student of Islamic jurisprudence. He must be a shiite; if not, he’s full of it:
“Unfortunately for Muslims, bigots who take on all opportunities to demonise Islam and Muslims always utilise dreadful events as proof for how evil Islam is,” writes Ghilan.

 “The taking of innocent lives  is a capital crime in Islam, but…..”

“The matter is not about Islam”

A closer investigation of Islam through proper methods of study and proper contextualisation will reveal that it is impossible for anyone to conclude any room for justifying, let alone do it in the name of Islam, the indiscriminate killing of innocent people on the streets.”

“What we are dealing with are the repercussions of political decisions and historical forces that gave rise to insane acts by misguided Muslims who think they are serving Islam and Muslims.”

“Brilliant Glenn Greenwald”  & Juan Cole, (a Board member of a front group for the Islamic Republic of Iran)

The manner in which Tamarlan Tsarnaev has been supposedly “radicalised” into an “extremist” form of Islam gives the impression that he was really being a practising Muslim in the extreme sense. Thus further embedding the idea that Islam is the problem, which is a simpleton’s conclusion. (al Jizz)

I rather be a simpleton than a Muslim. Back to reality!

And the kicker is:

“…if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receives a fair trial, is convicted, and gets issued the death penalty; Islamic Law would have taken its course within the US justice system in the midst of all this anti-Islamic rhetoric.”

More from another Koranimal:

When the perpetrator is Muslim, the motive must be Islam

That would make sense. But Deanna Othman twists herself into a pretzel to tell us that Islam (as always) has nothing to do with it.–The Islam-obsessed media frenzy.….blah blah”

Chicago journalist Deanna Othman is the assistant editor of Islamic Horizons magazine.

More denial, obfuscation, lies and absurdities about Islam & terror from Mullah:

More Glenn Greenwald: