Paki’s expel NYT reporter, Taliban promise bloodbath to disrupt elections

Pakis kick out NY Slimes?

Pakistan Expels NY Times Reporter Ahead of Elections

Declan-Walsh-with-Bugti-t-007Too funny. They’ll never find a better propagandist.

Walsh, who worked for The Guardian newspaper of Britain prior to joining the Times, has lived and worked in Pakistan for the past nine years.

The New York Times’ Islamabad bureau chief has been expelled from Pakistan right before national elections. The two sentence letter delivered to foreign correspondant Declan Walsh accused him of unspecified “undesirable activities,” the Times said Friday.

Bloodcult Watch

Taliban Promises Bloodbath During Saturday’s Pakistan Elections


The al-Qaeda linked Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Pakistan branch of the Taliban, has announced its intention to launch terrorist attacks all across Pakistan on Saturday in order to disrupt the country’s presidential elections. The elections are considered historic, since they’ll mark the first time in Pakistan’s history that there has been a peaceful transition from one civilian government to another.

Already, more than 100 people have been killed in terrorist violence in the days leading up to the election.