Pakistan: tiny minority of excremists rally to pay tribute to Osama bin Laden

Its true; only a few hundred doesn’t make it  a movement.  In Pokistan,  such rallies usually attract tens of thousands. But stay tuned: this one’s got potential!

Pakistan: Hundreds of Muslims rally to pay tribute to Osama bin Laden

Islam is not a monolith, of course. When is the anti-bin Laden rally scheduled? What’s that? Never? Hmmm, now why is that?

Red Ken, the Rat:

Ken Livingstone, the twice-defeated former Mayor of London, cropped up again this week.

Livingstone cropped up on Iranian television to blame America for the Boston bombings. Yes, you read that right. Livingstone appeared on the propaganda station of the Iranian regime to berate Americans for bringing the bombings on themselves.

Totally un-Islamic Sharia Patrols Return to Londonistan

As always, its only a tiny minority of excremists and its got nothing to do with Islam:

So-called Muslim patrols are again active in London – with vigilantes trying to impose Islamic ideals on the local population. And while arrests may have tempered the activists’ zeal, they continue to promote their views – some of which are quite radical. But moderate Muslim leaders fear their actions could discredit the whole community, as RT’s Sara Firth reports. (01-05-2013)

AG Eric Holder:  “le Constitution c’est moi

Eric Holder Tells Kansas Governor New State Gun Law Is Unconstitutional

The Tenth Amendment Center takes apart Holder’s arguments here.

The Taliban need more fighters:

Afghanistan’s Karzai urges closure of Guantanamo

Since so many Guantanamo detainees return to jihad after being released, this is tantamount to a recruiting call for the Taliban. “Afghanistan’s Karzai urges closure of Guantanamo,” from The Associated Press, May 2 (thanks to JW)