Pallywood Productions

Strip Hansen of his prize!

Swedish photographer Paul Hansen’s photo titled “Gaza Burial” portraying a Gaza funeral procession for children killed during Operation Pillar of Defense, is inspiring controversy worldwide in recent days, but this time for artistic – and not political – reasons.

AFP0939878-01-08191532_wa The reason – tech blog Extremtech claims the picture underwent massive manipulation and was put together from a number of different photographs with the help of photoshop.  (Y-Net News)


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  1. And so the faking of history repeats itself.

    Islam says children have no rights, even to life, and so these punks should be celebrating the deaths of their spawns in battle against the infidels!

    After all, sharia allows moslem parents and grand parents to “abort” their own offspring to an unlimited age – with absolutely no penalties for doing so!

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