“Refugees” protest against German restrictions

Goes without saying that these people are not “refugees”.

They are illegal migrants and welfare parasites. No Western country can, or should,  absorb the excess humanity from failed third world nations, most of them Islamic and with hostile intentions. Europe is not Arabia and Africa belongs to the Africans. Europe will never be Islamic Eurabia, no matter how much the UN and the OIC is pushing them towards it.

What’s happening in Berlin is only possible because it is done with the complicity and stupidity of far left  social engineers who themselves don’t want to live in the world they are leaving for our children.

Refugees protest against German restrictions

Asylum seekers and refugees protest in capital Berlin against policy that restricts their movement. (al Jizz)

One thought on ““Refugees” protest against German restrictions”

  1. If they don’t like their movements restricted in the west, while we provide them with free food, shelter, and healthcare, they can always return home to await their claims being processed here.

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