Ricked Speech in Canada

Some updates on Pamela Gellers visit to Canuckistan:

Third world  thugs  in Canada serve as a morality police to  corrupt Canadian freedom of speech to appease – other third world thugs?

When third world Rickies try to impose their queer and twisted ideas on first world countries it is inevitable that those 1st world countries become very much like the 3rd world hell-holes they left behind.

So here’s the latest:

Canada: Thug Police call Rabbi a Liar

The fascist cop, Insp. Ricky Veerappan, already admitted that they threatened the rabbi with his removal from the York chaplaincy, so how does the National Post run a headline like this? The police thug admits it in this article:

“If he had not cancelled the event – and again, that was his decision – then we would have had to re-evaluate his relationship with York Regional Police because it would be clearly be in contravention of the values of our organization,” said Insp. Veerappan.

Values? So this thug supports gender apartheid, creed apartheid, misogyny, honor killings, clitordectomies, et al?

Police dispute allegations that there were any threats of intimidation, saying instead that “a discussion” took place…

“A discussion.” Who does this sharia enforcer think he is? Don Corleone?

The Rabbi is staying quiet. You would, too, if you had these SA-types on your tail.

“Police deny pressuring rabbi to cancel speech by controversial U.S. anti-Islamist blogger Pamela Geller” National Post, May 3, 2013

Salim Mansur, a tenured professor at Western University, wrote a letter to police Chief Eric Jolliffe, criticizing what he considers a constraint on free speech.

“Are we turning into one of those Third World countries where a police chief can pick up the phone and tell a free institution, in this case a religious institution, that you can not do this and you can do this?” he said by phone on Thursday.

“I’m speaking here as a Muslim. I’m terribly angry and upset that these people in the name of my religion and my tradition want to stop somebody else from speaking.”