Russia sends at least 12 warships to Syria

Never thought I’d find myself agreeing with Russia on anything. However, in the case of Syria, Assad is the lesser evil. It doesn’t do us any good to support the MuBro’s,  which is just another word for al Qaeda.  It would be utter folly to help them come to power, which inevitably will result in the slaughter of all Christians, Alawites, Druse and Shiites.

Russia sends at least 12 warships to Syria

Deployment presumably a warning to Israeli and Western officials regarding military intervention against Assad

Syrian rebels post grisly execution video

*WARNING: GRAPHIC** Grisly Execution In Syria

Al-Qaeda-linked fighters kill Syrian soldiers on camera ‘in retaliation for Assad’s massacres’

“Inner Strugglers” flock to Damascus (and some come back, which is a worry….)

Stories of youths travelling to Syria to participate in the struggle against the Assad regime continue to make headlines in Belgium. Like that of 18-year-old J.B., a once average teenager who converted to Islam at the age of 15 before radicalising under the influence of the recently dissolved organization Sharia4Belgium. In February of this year, J. travelled to Cairo to study Islam. Or so he told his parents. Before long, J. found himself in a training camp somewhere in Syria, where his passport and money were confiscated. After hearing about his son’s fate, J.B.’s father travelled to Syria in an attempt to bring him back home. At one point he found himself in the hands of a radical group and was interrogated for several hours on suspicion of spying for the United States. And while he escaped with his life, he was unable to locate J.B. and bring him back to Belgium.  (ISN/TT)

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  1. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan thinks he is a ”caliph”, Syrian President Bashar al Assad said in an interview with Russian television broadcast a while ago. ”In his heart, Erdogan thinks he is a caliph, the new sultan of the Ottoman (empire) and that he can control the region like it was during the Ottoman empire.”

    Assad’s view harks back to the days when the Ottoman Sunnis held all the power and the religious minorities of the region (both Muslim, like Twelver Shi’ites, Ismaili and Alawite Shi’ites, and non-Muslim, like Christians, Druze or Yazidi) were reduced to abject poverty and exclusion on many levels.

    Serious non-PC observers of ME politics would agree that the resurgence of a neo-Ottoman Turkey is turning into a reality as we speak. It has nothing to do with farfetched conspiracy theories, like some PC commentators try to maintain. It is a conspiracy REALITY. Saudi Arabia’s global involvement in Jihadism, in tandem with Pakistan’s ISI, has first helped to make it fan out towards the neighboring regions in Central Asia (Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), which makes it, first and foremost, a struggle against secular-oriented regimes (or regimes maintained by infidel aid) in the Muslim world (like Ben Ali’s Tunisia and Mubarak’s Egypt). Plus, the Saudi fiefs will do anything to stop the Twelver Shi’ite sphere of influence (Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq) dead in its tracks. There’s no better way to attempt it than to funnel aid to Jabhat al Nusra by way of Turkey, to eradicate all Shi’ite influence on the Mediterranean, to start with !!!

    And last but not least, you have to wonder how Jihadism was able to establish itself in Chechnya and Dagestan ? Turkey holds the key, quite plain and simple ! The megalomaniac neo-Ottoman dream of Erdogan serves as a vessel for the Saudis to promote the violent enforcement of Salafism as far and wide as possible !

  2. Syrian jihadists screaming “Allahu akbar” murder eleven “apostate” Syrian soldiers in accord with Sharia court ruling

    “There’s really no such thing as just Sharia, it’s not one monolithic Continuum – Sharia is understood in thousands of different ways over the 1,500 years in which multiple and competing schools of law have tried to construct some kind of civic penal and family law code that would abide by Islamic values and principles, it’s understood in many different ways…” — Reza Aslan

    Not really: Muhammad said: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57). The death penalty for apostasy is part of Islamic law according to all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

    Some might arguing that fighting for Assad doesn’t make these soldiers apostates according to Islamic law, but since Assad is an Alawite, the jihadists have a strong case: Islamic law forbids a Muslim to obey an Infidel ruler who is supposedly impeding Islam in some way. In any case, not in dispute is the death penalty for apostasy itself, however much Islamic spokemen in the West disingenuously deny it.

    “Islamist rebels execute 11 Syrian soldiers for ‘massacres,’” from Reuters, May 16 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

    BEIRUT: Fighters of the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front in Syria executed 11 men they accused of taking part in massacres by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, a video published on Thursday showed.

    A man whose face was covered in a black balaclava shot each man in the back of the head as they kneeled, blindfolded and lined up in a row in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor.

    “The sharia court for the eastern region in Deir al-Zor has sentenced to death these apostate soldiers that committed massacres against our brothers and families in Syria,” the executioner said on the video.

    Islamist militants with black flags shouted “God is great” as each man was shot. The executioner returned to some victims, firing more bullets into them to make sure they were dead.

    The video is the second in two days to show such executions by fighters who say they are from Al-Qaeda-linked groups.

    A video posted online on Wednesday from the northern province of Raqqa, which is controlled by Islamist rebels, showed three blindfolded men sitting on the curb of a central roundabout before being shot in the head with a pistol.

    A man speaking in the video said the executions were revenge for killings in the coastal town of Banias two weeks ago. Photos and videos of the alleged Banias massacre showed dozens of mutilated bodies, many of them children, lying in the streets.

    Note that here again we see Islamic jihadists explain their killings as revenge. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev claimed that his Boston jihad murders were revenge; Islamic jihadists who fired mortars into Israel claimed they were doing it for revenge as well. This is because Islamic supremacists are apparently incapable of ever taking responsibility for anything they do; it’s always someone else’s fault. But more importantly, it’s because in the absence of a caliph, the only jihad that is permissible according to Islamic law is defensive. Only the caliph, according to Sunni Muslim jurisprudence, can lawfully wage offensive jihad against non-Muslim states. So every jihad until the caliphate is restored has to be cast as defensive. This leads the jihadists to retail endless lists of grievances and alleged Infidel atrocities they’re supposedly avenging, and foolish non-Muslim analysts to think that if they just redress the grievances and throw money at the jihadis, the jihad will go away. It won’t. There will just be new grievances.

  3. There is indeed only one accepted version of sharia crime (‘law’) and that is the original, Haneefite version as recorded in The Hedaya and used by the Ottoman Empire to rule all of islam for centuries; all moslems in all their countries are very aware of its simple might-makes-right and us-versus-them tenets and strictures.

    There is realy only one Qur’an, one islam, and one sharia.

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