Soddy Barbaria to Force Islam on Expat Kids

Imagine for one moment if a school anywhere in the West would insist that all children be indoctrinated with Christian studies. The leftist rabble & the always enraged soldiers of allah would run amok.

Pamela Geller:

Islamic supremacism on the march, across the world. Their barbarism should be relegated to the dustbin of histroy and taught in schools only as a cautionary tale against misogyny, racism, subjugation, oppression and savagery. Instead, it metastasizing:

Islamic studies to be taught in all expat schools, orders ministry (Arab News)

The Ministry of Education has recently decreed that all international schools must teach Islamic civilization and Arabic language, as well as the history of the Kingdom and its geography, for at least one hour per week.
Under the new regulation issued by the Education Ministry’s Executive Committee responsible for foreign schools, international and private schools are required to offer students these subjects and hire Saudi teachers to teach the courses.


RIYADH, 9 April — The Ministry of Education has set up a four-member panel of volunteers to scrutinize books and materials currently being taught at foreign schools in the Kingdom.

Rubila Rathore, principal of Al-Biladi International School, explained that the new directive requires schools to teach these subjects in Arabic for Saudi students and in English for foreigners.
Rathore indicated that the school already teaches these three subjects, but that under the ministry’s new regulations, they are obliged to provide these courses in Arabic for Saudi students.

“We follow the British curriculum in our school, so naturally we offer Islamic studies and geography in English. However, according to the ministry’s orders Saudi students must be taught these subjects in Arabic. We therefore need to hire Saudi teachers.”

She elaborated further by explaining that Arabic is a compulsory course for all students. Non-Saudi students are offered standard level Arabic courses, while Saudi students attend advanced classes.
She also said ministry officials are visiting the schools to give them guidelines on how to deal with the new rules and regulations.


Most international schools in the Kingdom offer their students the option to select the language of their choice and they are allowed to select which religious studies course they want to pursue. For instance, schools that adhere to the CBSC Indian curriculum give students the option to study moral sciences instead of Islamic studies, with the same applicable for languages.

The chairman of the Indian International School (IIS-J), Khurshid Akhtar, said Arabic language is compulsory in IIS until grade two. After that students have options of choosing any language.
“We teach the Kingdom’s history in our school. However, if the ministry has stipulated that we must teach all three subjects, we will integrate them into our curriculum and welcome Saudi teachers into our schools,” he said.

Meanwhile, Padma Hariharan, director and head of the Novel International Group of Institutions, welcomed the ministry’s decision.