Sunni-Shiite Holy War in Londonistan

The Caliphate Cometh, But First the Shiites Must Be Put in Their Place.


Condoleezza Rice said it in January 2007:

“There’s still a tendency to see these things in Sunni-Shia terms. But the Middle East is going to have to overcome that.”

Islamic Sunni-Shiite Holy War Breaks Out in… Londonistan

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On May 14, 2013  In The Point 

There’s a bit of a problem with the Caliphate. Before the Faithful finish driving out the infidels and declaring the Islamic Republic of Londonistan, they’ll have to finish fighting each other.

The collapse of American power under Obama has increased attacks on America, but it also really increased Muslim attacks on each other, as the jackals of Islam fight over the Middle East. Similarly the collapse of European power has led to Islamic incursions, but more jackals fighting over power.

Here Anjem Choudary of Sharia4UK and similar groups, and his Salafist cronies clash violently with Shiites. Anjem and his four lions are out to support Syrian Jihadists while denouncing Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. But they run into some supporters of the Shiite gang, words are exchanged and some punches are thrown… while the Bobbies try to break up all the diversity happening here.

The protestors were marching in opposition to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, who they are known to deplore for his Alawite religion. Protestors also took up the cause against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah chief Hasan Nasrallah, who they deem as “Shia Enemies of Allah” for their Shi’ite Muslim backgrounds.

The protestors are thought to be hard-line Salafists, who have previously praised terrorism, called for shariah law in the UK, and regularly disturb ceremonies honouring British troops.

Police intervened in the scuffles, while several are thought to have been injured and can be seen bleeding in the video below.

While the EDL gets hit by police every time it comes out, the police don’t really seem to be making arrests despite an outbreak of violence.

But that’s understandable. No one wants to stifle the diversity.

One thought on “Sunni-Shiite Holy War in Londonistan”

  1. Assad’s Syrian Allawite clan are literally *Ali*-wite shias, which explains their solidarity with both Hezbollah and Iran.

    And of course the cops can’t arrest any of them, because their political sales-puppet masters want to keep the cheap oil flowing at all costs to us.

    Besides, ALL liberals are racists – they always assume that ONLY White, Western people (including, of course, the Jews in Israel,) are INTELLIGENT enough to be judged guilty of being truly evil, while all their pet “People Of Colour” (including, of course, the “swarthy palestinians,”) just can’t help being violent animals, the poor oppressed little dears, so they’ll always indulge their crimes, much as one ignores the new puppy as it pees on the rugs.

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