“Sweden is More Dangerous than Mogadishu”

Try to get your head around this! The multiculti-experiment inflicted on Swedish people by the ruling socialist utopians is beyond comprehension.

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A young Somali journalist in Sweden named Amun Abdullahi got herself in trouble with the politically correct elite by reporting the truth about the radicalization of young Somalis in Rinkeby (a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm), where they were recruited for jihad by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab.

The treatment meted out to Ms. Abdullahi made her decide to move back to Somalia. She acknowledges that Mogadishu is a dangerous place, but she considers Sweden more dangerous, because “here you cannot tell the truth.”

Transcript (untimed):

Amun is a journalist, and the first thing you notice is
that she has more passion for journalism than most people do.
Let’s say that if all the jobs in the world were a person, then the journalist would be the head
and all the other jobs would be the different parts of the body.
Now that you have spoken so warmly about journalism,
I have to assume that you would like to work as a journalist in Sweden?
Never… I wouldn’t do that.

Amun came as a refugee in 1991, first arriving in Umeå,
which she describes as one of the most beautiful cities on earth.
Later on she moved to Rinkeby near Stockholm.
She had made the whole transition from refugee to reporter on Swedish Radio.
And her knowledge and contacts as a Somali led her onto a story which changed her life.
One morning she recognised a young Somali,
who had changed character after studying religious scripture.
That was the beginning of an investigative report,
in which she revealed how a leader of am after-school activity center lured youths into Al-Shabab
“It’s half past five, you are listening to Ekot.
Many of the young men from Sweden recruited by the Islamist rebel group Al-Shabab
have come from an after-school activity center in Rinkeby.”

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2 thoughts on ““Sweden is More Dangerous than Mogadishu””

  1. “And all three things were crushed in one go”

    A perfect statement of the goal of a totalitarian state.

  2. I met a Somalian businessman in Khartoum who told me that the problem with Europe was welfare. If Europe ditched welfare it would be better for everyone.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is Somalian, as is this woman.

    There is an underground Christian movement in Somalia.

    Maybe there is hope for Somalians yet. Pity we don’t help, but instead encourage the Islamisation of our own lands.

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