Syrian, Afghan, Turkish and Iranian “Asylum Seekers” in Bali?

Andrew Bolt:

“Asylum seekers” in Bali. I can’t call them illegal immigrants


Bali is so nice that Australians go there for holidays. But other people – which the Press Council warns journalists not to call illegal immigrants – think Bali is a place they should leave to seek asylum in Australia instead:

…95 asylum-seekers were detained by Bali police early yesterday in what appeared to be a sting operation.

The asylum-seekers, who according to a Bali police officer were Syrian, Afghan, Turkish and Iranian, were stopped about 5am, shortly after boarding their boat.

En route to Australia, most of the asylum-seekers were last night refusing to disembark the boat, which was moored at Tanjung Benoa in Kuta.

If we’re taking people from even Turkey now – people too fussy to settle for Bali – we really are being played for mugs.

Time the Press Council freed journalists to speak the truth, instead of prosecuting their politics through New Speak.

3 thoughts on “Syrian, Afghan, Turkish and Iranian “Asylum Seekers” in Bali?”

  1. Any Turk can get an EU visa and walk over the border to Greece or Bulgaria. Or cross over the border into Georga or take a ferry ride to Ukraine or Russia. Lots of places to seek ‘asylum’ if that’s what they were doing. But of course that’s not what they’re doing. They travel through several jurisdictions with full documentation to seek an easier life in the wealthiest countries they can find

  2. Up until the First World War, Turkey was THE Caliphate. Now is the time to help build a new caliphate here in Australia and over in the US and the UK and, and, just everywhere. BRING BACK THE CALIPHATE!! or should I say, “Alluha akbar!” Isn’t that what they say?

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