Tanzania: The Next Domino in the Islamisation of Africa?

Tanzania: Muslim Bomb Outside Catholic Church Kills 3 and Injures over 60

Enza Ferreri

Earlier this week four Saudis were arrested for the bombing of a new church. But they’ll be out in no time. Tanzania is already largely Muslim and as corrupt as can be.

Burning of a church in Tanzania

In Tanzania, as in many other African countries, Muslims discriminate against, persecute and attack Christians, with the complicity of the authorities.

Satan doesn’t like competition:
For years officials have been colluding with Muslims to stop churches from being built and to erect mosques, Christians have been arrested for “illegal preaching”, churches have been destroyed and torched, Christian university students have been prohibited from worshipping, Christian leaders have been jailed, Muslims have seized Christian burial sites, and especially in the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, where Muslims represent 97 per cent of the inhabitants, Christians live in fear of being killed.
A young man who converted to Christianity fled the island to escape death threats from his Muslim family, after the beating he had received from them left him with head, hand and torso injuries, a serious mouth wound and substantial loss of blood; another Christian who accidentally burned pages of the Quran chose jail by entering a guilty plea rather than face certain death from a violent mob.

The apparent paradox is that most Tanzanians are Christian. Christians are 60 per cent of the population and Muslims are 36 per cent. But Muslims do not need to be a majority. The supremacism and aggression that are part of Islamic doctrine ensure that even a minority of Muslims can terrorize non-Muslim majorities.

After all, the dhimmis (the subjected people) that inhabited the lands of the Middle East and North Africa conquerered by Islamic hordes after the death of Muhammad were often still majorities in their countries.

The most recent horror occurred last Sunday, a bomb explosion outside a new Catholic church, considered “one of worst ‘terrorist’ incidents in years” in which 3 people were killed and more than 60 injured:

Last Sunday’s blast outside St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Arusha, a town popular with tourists visiting the Serengeti national park and Mount Kilimanjaro, was just the latest example.

The newly built church, in the Olasti district on the outskirts of Arusha, was celebrating its first ever mass at the time of the attack, which left three dead and more than 60 injured…

In Zanzibar, which is 97 per cent Muslim, arsonists burned the Evangelical Church of Siloam on February 19, two days after gunmen killed a Catholic priest, Father Evaristus Mushi, in the Motni area of the island.

Earlier that month, an Assemblies of God minister, Pastor Mathayo Kachili, was hacked to death in the Geita region of Lake Victoria..

Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports that church leaders began to receive text messages from a group calling itself ‘Muslim Renewal’ which claimed responsibility for these murders, adding the killers were ‘trained in Somalia’ and which promised ‘disaster’ during the Easter season.

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  1. Fifty years ago I used to live in that part of the world and the Arabs were hated like poison. In 1963 every male Arab on Zanzibar was slaughtered, the women raped and given as wives to the army officers, so popular was the Sultan. Zanzibar was the principal shipping point for slaves to the gulf and the blacks had long memories, but apparently not as long as the Wahabi money that has been flowing into the region since 1973. This is the best possible proof that this current form of Islam is nothing but a massive propaganda exercise.

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