The New (Islamic) Face of Bosnia

Turkish student graduated from Bosnian school after 135 years

For the first time since Bosnia and Herzegovina was no longer part of the Ottoman Empire, a student from Turkey has graduated from the Gazi Husrev Madrasah, the oldest educational institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The Gazi Husrev Madrasah (religious high school), built under the commission of Sultan Bayezid II’s grandson Gazi Husrev Bey in 1537, is one of the rare institutions in the Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe which has provided education for 463 continuous years.

Many students from Anatolia had graduated from this school, which was an important educational institution in the Balkans during the Ottoman period, until the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1878.

During the 463th graduation ceremony held last Saturday, Saliha Balci became the first student from Anatolia to graduate from the school in 135 years.

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  1. Once Muslims ARE entrenched ANYWHERE, they plan to stay, or to return as soon as possible. What the Europeans fail to grasp, is that the ENTIRE Iberian penninsula, half of France, part of Italy and the Balkans, are ALL thought by Musims, to be “Dar Al-Harb,” or lands to be taken or regained BY THE SWORD! The Turks are in the process of regaining control of the Balkans NOW. The Turkish Army is already in Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia and other Balkan countries. Masquerading as “peacemakers,” their mission is more than that. AND, many Balkan muslims WANT the Turks to regain control as the only peace they think they ever had, was under the heel of the Ottomans. The war with Islam is inevitable. Whether we admit it or NOT, Islam is at WAR WITH US! The USA will not fight the war that will soon encompass Europe. The U.S. will already have been destroyed by the Liberal Socialist fools and morons, so bent on our our “fundamental change,” and their never ending delusion that Islam is a “religion of peace.”

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